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At Advance IT Group and LONEALERT we strive to ensure that customers are completely satisfied with the lone worker training they receive and get the best service bespoke to their people and their needs. We know that all of our client companies are different but all want to have the same end goal - to have an effective system in place that keep employee safety as a high priority and protects them from any potential violence or difficult situations. We have streamlined our work processes and procedures to offer more time to tailor each training session to customer requirements, ensuring they learn key steps effectively. We Identify an overview of what workplace policies are, and why they are the law, regardless of staff numbers. A search for the right courses can be difficult because require the specific guidance for the key roles you need.

How our Training Works

  • We provide a clear outline of instructions, videos and free training available – no hidden costs.
  • We customise our training and agree clear objectives with stakeholders prior to training. We can tailor the training around what the lone workers do, the dangers they face and the types of learning needs they have. Our training resources are completely free, helping you to reduce risks of learning courses you don’t require. We hope that we can help you to identify the specific courses and roles you need.
  • Training materials provided free of charge including full instructions booklets, mini guides, PowerPoint presentations, session plans, YouTube videos, E-learning.
  • E-learning – bitesize to keep end user interest and focus.
  • Evaluation forms - always looking to do even better and welcome all feedback to improve.
  • Ongoing and refresher training.
  • Unlimited customer support including access to all lone workers.

We usually look at this in three phases:

  1. Pre Go Live / Implementation. What resources are needed, what are training and learning requirements and where are the gaps in your knowledge or lone worker policy and procedure.
  2. Go Live. Getting all lone workers, administrators and respondents trained as completely, promptly and efficiently as possible with a view to reducing lost time.
  3. Post Go Live. Continual monitoring of performance, usage and KPI’s, refresher training should these dip – for lone workers or managers, and picking up and training new starters who might not have benefitted from the initial go live.

Contact us today so we can discuss your bespoke training and support requirements and design a package to suit and your employees. Reduce risks and get us to assess what’s required for your situation.

Lone worker training is given to employees who may find themselves working alone in the course of their daily routines. It is designed to deliver knowledge and practical guidence on what to do to keep themselves safe whilst working alone, including how to identify risks, follow health and safety guidence and any other challenged they may face in their job.

Lone working is entirely legal, however, employers have a dty of care to their staff and lone worker safety is of the utmost importance. Failure to ensure staff who lone work are 'resonably safe' can lead to hefty fines. Measures that can be put in place include proper lone worker safety training, proper risk assessment protocols and the use of lone worker alarms.

Personal safety training helps maintain a safe working environment and maintains lone worker safety. It also helps employees meet duty of care guidelines .

Employers are expected to have put into place measures to ensure workers are reasonably safe including appropriate training, risk assessments and lone worker technology. Employees are also expected to ensure their own lone worker safety with proper use of equipment and reporting of accidents and near misses.

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