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Lone Worker Protection from LONEALERT

LONEALERT - Lone Worker Protection

LONEALERT is the lone worker protection solution developed and supported by Advance IT Solutions Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Advance IT Group Ltd.

With offices in Worcester, Birmingham and London, we have an almost 20 year history in producing complex bespoke software solutions and products for a wide range of clients.

Some of our completed solutions include:

Our property asset management software that manages the assets within tens of thousands of properties, handling maintenance schedules, call booking, engineer work-loads and diaries and legal compliance. Currently used by a leading energy company.

New product from Advance IT Group that revolutionizes the process of issue reporting and resolving non-compliances, suitable for a range of industries.

Recruitment Software
Complex solution for a multi-site, multi-discipline recruitment organization, which was a complete bespoke solution to power their entire business processes.

Sizing Guides
For manufacturing organisations to all clients to easily specific and select the required product mode from a range of thousands. Currently used by a number of international organisations.

Video Asset Library
Track and maintain a library of marketing media distributed internationally.

Mobile Applications
A number of app developments have been completed to exact customer requirements.

Plus many other solutions that have all benefitted our clients by delivering the exact solution there business requires.
Lone worker protection

Advance IT Group Ltd and Advance IT Solution Ltd are owned by a number of shareholders, who were clients of Advance IT Group Ltd, before selling their business for several million pounds to E.On. This gives us excellent financial stability and backing.

On a day to day business, the business is run by Directors Stewart Braznell and Clive Wheawall, with support from an experienced team of Managers and staff, drawn from a diverse background to bring the skills needed to ensure our customers receive the best possible products and customer support.

LONEALERT as a product was formed out of the PAMS asset management software – our client was sending engineers with expensive tools into residential properties and social housing alone all day every day. Based on this business requirement, we developed the LONEALERT Text-In service, allowing engineers to easily send a quick message to log-in before starting a job, and to log out when completed. Failure to log out raised the alarm.

From the success of the Text-In service, we have built the range of LONEALERT products to ensure that we can meet the requirements of different people, with varying technical capabilities, distinct job roles facing different levels of risk, all working within various industries.

Our aim is that we can provide the ideal lone working solution for any business of any size, in any industry. Feedback we receive from our customers make us think we have achieved this, and our commitment to continual improvement makes us confident that we will continue to be at the leading edge of protecting lone workers and their employers.

We trust you will find the information you need within our site, but we are just a call away should you want personalized assistance and support to address your needs.

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You can contact us at:

Birmingham Office:
Operations & Stores / Registered Office

Advance IT Group Limited

Advance House,
9 Waterfall Lane Trading Estate,
Old Hill, Birmingham, B64 6PU,
United Kingdom.

+44 (0)330 999 8484

Registered in England No. 06419586.

London Office:
Southern Area Sales

8 Stucley Place, Camden Town, London,
NW1 8NS.

+44 (0)207 096 3753

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Not sure which solution is right for you? Please call us now on 0330 999 8484 to speak to one of our lone worker protection representatives.

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How can LONEALERT help you with your lone worker protection

  • By offering ongoing support and training

    All LONEALERT customers are entitled to free training and support throughout the term of their contract. There are no extra charges for changes to accounts and you will deal directly with one of our support team.

  • By offering a range to suit all industries

    LONEALERT hosts wide range of lone worker devices designed to increase protection in the field, on site or in the office.

  • By offering an intuitive management suite

    LONEALERT have built and manage their own Admin Interface and Smartphone applications. The service is constantly being upgraded with new and exciting features.

  • By offering a rapid response service

    As a LONEALERT customer you are entitled to your pick of a full selection of documents to help you Identify, Implement and Manage your Lone Worker workforce.

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