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Smithpack Ltd

Smithpack Ltd

Independent corrugated packaging manufacturer, Smithpack Ltd, prides itself on its innovative design systems and tailored supply logistics. So when it was on the lookout for a solution to ensure the safety of its lone workers, it wanted a company that shared the same values.

It had to look no further than LONEALERT, whose unique and innovative lone worker protection systems are tailored to meet the needs of every organisation it works with.

The company chose LONEALERT’s Man Down system, which is now in place at the company’s bases in Kingswinford, West Midlands, and in Trowbridge, Wiltshire - and it has proved a perfect match.

Smithpack spokeswoman, Debbie Williams, said: “We are using it in our warehouse for the drivers who come in early and maybe have loads to put on themselves or return back late in the evening.

We have two drivers and whichever one is in early puts on the device if they have loads to put on. If they come back late and there is nobody here they can put it on then too.

We wanted a system that gave peace of mind that should anything happen in that period of time that there would be somebody for them at the end of the phone and if they couldn’t get through to us in an emergency that they would be protected.

At the company’s Wiltshire base, where the distribution warehouse is located, there is only three members of staff and often one finds himself there alone. As a result, that member of staff wears the device permanently whilst he is doing his job.

The company’s Man Down device features a dedicated panic alarm to allow a worker to send out an immediate alert for help in the case of an emergency, as well as a fall sensor. When the unit is moved from a vertical position it audibly warns the wearer that it is in “Man Down” condition. If the wearer does not respond, an alert is raised. Smithpack’s package includes LONEALERT’s Responder - a dedicated 24/7 response centre which will send help immediately if it is needed.

Debbie added:

It provides peace of mind for everybody.

Systems that rely on workers calling in at designated times can present a problem if workers forget to call in and then there’s a period of panic, but this system is working really well.

“The Kingswinford site and Wiltshire site are covered and monitored by one company in one centralised location.”

Debbie admits that when Smithpack first introduced the system almost two years ago there was some reluctance from staff who feared the devices would spark emergency responses without there being need, but were now reassured with the procedures due to the tailored device settings.

She said: “I think people generally are wary of anything that is new. They understood the benefits of it but they were a bit nervous to start with. Their biggest worry was that every five minutes the devices would go off but that is not the case because of the settings.

It was about getting people into a routine. The drivers don’t have the devices on permanently and it was about getting them into a routine so they were used to putting on the device in the morning or evening when they were in the warehouse alone.

They worried initially that if they fell over there would be flashing blue lights everywhere but they can deactivate it. If it is a genuine accident and they need help, the systems then roll into the procedure so that help will be sent.

They have become much more confident in how the system works. It’s not mindblowing how to use it - you don’t need a computing degree. You don’t want something to be a hassle to use when people just want to get on with their jobs and they won’t use something that’s too technical, but they feel safer knowing this system is there to protect them if anything should ever happen.

Debbie also praised LONEALERT’s customer services.

The customer service is excellent. They phone in regularly to see how we are getting on and if there’s anything they can do for us. I would definitely recommend it

she added.

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Factory Work / Outdoors
Improved Safety and Reliability
Man Down
Smithpack Ltd lone worker man down alarm

LONEALERT Man Down alarm is suitable for lone workers who face high levels of risk when carrying out their daily duties. This man down alarm device has already helped a growing number of high-profile organisations. You can truly rely on LONEALERT’s Man Down Alarm to meet your lone worker protection requirements.

Key Features:

  • Meets relevant BS8484 criteria
  • LONEALERT Management Suite included in price
  • Staff protection as soon as unit is switched on
  • GPS location
  • Man Down protection for falls
  • Regular Check-ins
  • Single button operation
  • Dedicated panic button
  • Dial pre-configured number
  • Silent Call feature

Key Benefits:

  • Instant alert of a "man down" incident
  • Accurate location of incident
  • Very quick roll-out and training
  • Wearers feel re-assured of help arriving
  • Alerts to minimize false alarms
  • Remotely assess threat to user through silent call
  • Users can discreetly raise alert
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LONEALERT is a leading supplier of lone worker protection solutions and lone worker alarms to protect staff who work remotely, alone or are vulnerable.

Website: www.lonealert.co.uk

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