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Lone worker protection for the travel industry

There are many jobs that require workers to travel frequently to various destinations both domestic and international. Some of these roles may not fall into the category of lone working on a daily basis but those in them require the same level of protection from their employers as they would receive every day, wherever they are in the world.

Whether it be store buyers or business development executives traveling the world to pick up ideas, job roles that require frequent travel present a number of challenges when it comes to providing the best lone working solutions to protect workers in a whole host of potentially hazardous situations. Those who travel for work may find themselves in unfamiliar surroundings, meeting people unknown to them in possibly foreign-speaking countries. Whilst abroad, employees may feel vulnerable because they fear that even if they did raise an alarm to their employers, help would not be forthcoming due to their location. LONEALERT’s solutions are fully functional abroad and our international response option gives workers peace of mind that the workplace protection they receive in the UK will be with them wherever they are overseas.

Lone worker protection - Travel workers
Within this section you will find who is at RISK, the RIGHT LONEALERT solutions available, as well as DOWNLOADABLE risk assessments and relevent news within your sector.
Example of people at risk include Buyers, Business Development Managers, Teachers, International charity workers, Traders, Directors, Diplomats, Researchers.

Our risk assessment

To carry out a risk assessment you need to think about what might cause harm to your employees and decide whether you are taking the reasonable steps needed to prevent any harm.

A risk assessment is something you are required to carry out by law. We have teamed up with lone working specialist trainer Jackie Dolan and created a comprehensive risk assessment for people within the travel industry.

Download our risk assessment

Lone worker protection - Travel workers

LONEALERT Solutions for working in the travel industry:

As with all sectors the level of risk depends on the job role - which can differ drastically. Workers could be attending conferences, flying in and out from meetings, carrying out field research expeditions, or travelling to remote regions in search of the best indigenous products. We have a variety of solutions that will help you, all of which are controlled by The O.W.L, so you can mix and match solutions to suit your needs. The O.W.L allows you to set up personalised or companywide escalation procedures that will come into effect as soon as an alarm is raised.

The O.W.L. even allows short term procedures to be updated by travellers, to provide local contact details that can be used in the event of an alert.

Access via Smartphone app


What is it?

Accessed via The O.W.L, landline, mobile phone or smartphone, LONEALERT Access is a simple, cost effective solution to benefit lower risk roles within this sector.

How it can work?

An employee is flying out to a conference abroad. Whilst being met and chaperoned by hosts for most of their time, they are out of the direct supervision of their employer. As an added precaution, the employee simply uses the same LONEALERT Instant service they use in the UK, but utilises the wi-fi to save roaming costs on their phone bill! Once a day, they log-in to confirm they are okay and their plans for that day. If they fail to check in an alarm can be raised, or a panic button can be pressed. If they don’t respond to check calls, the alarm is raised. Using Access like this gives peace of mind that should anything happen to the employee at any time, help will be notified.

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What is it?

The Instant solution includes all products within the LONEALERT Access range, and adds access via a range of dedicated devices. GPS equipped with fall detection, panic and one button timer creation.

How it can work?

If travelling across the EU, an Instant device equipped with a multi-network sim card will keep their GPS positions updated with The O.W.L as they carry out their business. If after hours they choose to go sightseeing, they can check in with the device to allow sufficient time from them to return to the safety of their accommodation. By updating The O.W.L with local contact information, they can ensure that colleagues or control room staff will be able to get in contact with hosts/chaperones/local emergency services to give assistance.

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Man Down


What is it?

Including all products within the LONEALERT Access range, the Anywhere solutions is great for those who work in outdoor areas with very limited mobile signal.

How it can work?

Neve is on a buying expedition in China. Her role involves travelling to remote regions that are often far away from mobile signal. Using LoneALERT Anywhere, she can check in to The O.W.L periodically, updating her GPS position as she does so. Colleagues can use the O.W.L to make sure her GPS corresponds with her itinerary. If Neve fails to check in, or presses the panic button, then the alarm is raised and help can be sent to her location.

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Works anywhere no matter how remote
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