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Lone worker protection for retail workers

Walking around a bustling High Street retailer filled with shoppers and staff, it may be hard to believe that there are many lone workers within the retail industry. But job roles within the retail sector are varied and wide-ranging meaning the nature of the risks faced by workers are vast.

Surveys of retail worker have found that the biggest risk for lone workers in the industry is that of physical assaults and abuse from members of the public, especially as the pressure on employers to cut costs increases, resulting in more and more retail workers being required to work alone.

Figures show that around 20,000 shop workers are physically attacked each year with an even higher number being the victim of verbal abuse.

But in today’s 24/7 culture, retail crime isn’t just limited to those working alone with members of the public on the shop front. There are many other roles within retail that leave workers feeling vulnerable and exposed, including night shift warehouse workers, those with the responsibility of opening and closing premises, workers responsible for carrying the day’s takings or receiving deliveries - often at the back of premises - or even those having to walk over empty car parks to travel to and from worker in unsociable hours.

Lone worker protection - Retail workers
Within this section you will find who is at RISK, the RIGHT LONEALERT solutions available, as well as DOWNLOADABLE risk assessments and relevent news within your sector.
Example of people at risk include Early morning/late shift shop worker/manager, Petrol station worker/manager, Warehouse worker/manager, Night shift shop worker/manager, Online shop delivery driver, Small Owner Managed Shop, Off-License, Public House / Bar, Bookmakers, Security Guard.

Our risk assessment

To carry out a risk assessment you need to think about what might cause harm to your employees and decide whether you are taking the reasonable steps needed to prevent any harm.

A risk assessment is something you are required to carry out by law. We have teamed up with lone working specialist trainer Jackie Dolan and created a comprehensive risk assessment for people within the retail industry.

Download our risk assessment

Lone worker protection - Retail workers

LONEALERT Solutions for lone retail workers:

LONEALERT boasts a range of solutions, devices and responses to suit the vast and varied needs of all lone workers within the retail industry, whether it be a small family-run business or multi-national organisation. These include:

Access via Smartphone app


What is it?

Accessed via The O.W.L, landline, mobile phone or smartphone, LONEALERT Access is a simple, cost effective solution to benefit lower risk roles within this sector.

How it can work?

Sue is concerned that when either she, or her staff are in the shop they are on their own, and anyone can walk in through the door, but budget is not huge. The LONEALERT Access simply sits as a speed dial on the shop phone – be that landline or mobile. As people start shift, they simply set up a timer for every 60 minutes to confirm they are safe. If help is urgently needed, they activate the speed dial and The O.W.L sends for help.

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What is it?

The Instant solution includes all products within the LONEALERT Access range, and adds access via a range of dedicated devices. GPS equipped with fall detection, panic and one button timer creation.

How it can work?

An employee in a bookmakers usually works behind a locked screen, but on occasion they have to come out to solve problems – either with machines, or with customers. This puts them in direct contact with members of the public. Add to this cash on site and staff are vulnerable. The LONEALERT Instant is simple and cost effective – the staff member simply wears it. If they need to come onto the shop floor, they press a button and activate a timer, for additional protection. As long as nothing un-towards happens, they simply cancel the timer when they are back in a secure area. If they need help, they can access the panic button, if they are attacked, the fall sensor will raise the alarm with The O.W.L, and if they fail to cancel the timer, again, the alarm is raised.

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Protector 3G


What is it?

Plus includes LONEALERT Access, and all the safety features of Instant, but adds high durability, IP67 rated devices, with LCD screen for improved user feedback and advanced notifications, with Bolt-Ons for indoor locating workers.

How it can work?

A night shift in a large supermarket can lead to remote working. In smaller departments there may be only one member of staff on, only meeting other colleagues at break times. They may be working in walk-in freezers and cold stores, or in external storage areas in yards. The LONEALERT Plus gives them the ability to press a panic button and call for help from colleagues. As a large part of the job involves bending, the delayed man down sensor on the device allows colleagues to work unfettered, but if they fail to get up, the alarm will be raised. The RF Tag Bolt-On also allows them to record access at remote areas such as freezers, or alcohol stores.

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Lone worker protection - Retail workers

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