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Lone worker protection for outdoor workers

There are many industries that incorporate job roles which see workers spending their time outdoors, presenting a number of challenges when it comes to providing the best solutions to protect lone workers in a whole host of potentially hazardous situations.

For farmers, ecologists, environmental protection, agriculturists and landscape gardeners, for example, the role is likely to include working with potentially dangerous machinery, vehicles, livestock and at height – often in remote locations.

Those with jobs outdoors can find themselves at risk from many uncontrollable factors including unpredictable weather conditions and animal temperaments. Workers could also be working in dangerous terrain, close to water, unmapped locations and areas with little to no mobile signal, possibly being based at different locations on a daily basis. Lone workers carrying out their jobs in these remote areas may experience great difficulty in receiving help whilst employers responsible for staff working outdoors and in remote areas will face a constant worry for their safety and wellbeing if suitable lone worker alarm protection is not in place.

Lone worker protection - Outdoor workers
Within this section you will find who is at RISK, the RIGHT LONEALERT solutions available, as well as DOWNLOADABLE risk assessments and relevent news within your sector.
Example of people at risk include Environmentalist, Farmers, Agriculturists, Estate maintenance, Landscape gardeners, Builders, Tree surgeons, Conservation manager, Dog walker.

Our risk assessment

To carry out a risk assessment you need to think about what might cause harm to your employees and decide whether you are taking the reasonable steps needed to prevent any harm.

A risk assessment is something you are required to carry out by law. We have teamed up with lone working specialist trainer Jackie Dolan and created a comprehensive risk assessment for people working outdoors.

Download our risk assessment

Lone worker protection - Outdoor work

LONEALERT Solutions for lone workers outdoors:

As with all sectors the level of risk depends on the employee’s job role - which can differ drastically throughout the day. Looking after multiple staff with high & low level lone working risks can be a difficult task. We have a variety of solutions that will help you, all of which are controlled by The O.W.L, so you can mix and match solutions to suit your needs. The O.W.L allows you to set up personalised or companywide escalation procedures that will come into effect as soon as an alarm is raised.

Access via Smartphone app


What is it?

Accessed via The O.W.L, landline, mobile phone or smartphone, LONEALERT Access is a simple, cost effective solution to benefit lower risk roles within this sector.

How it can work?

A landscape gardener works in people's gardens, but often won’t come into contact with the home owner between the time they arrive and leave. Using LONEALERT Access means they can easily set up timers for a couple of hours each time, so if something happens, and they fail to check in, the alarm can be raised promptly. The O.W.L can even present the home owner's phone number to the respondents.

Read more about LONEALERT Access


What is it?

The Instant solution includes all products within the LONEALERT Access range, and adds access via a range of dedicated devices. GPS equipped with fall detection, panic and one button timer creation.

How it can work?

A conservation manager travels long distances, and works in remote areas, but the actual work they do is relatively low risk. The Instant, equipped with a roaming sim card to maximise signal is an ideal companion. They just turn it on and wear it as they work. If they slip or fall the device will automatically signal the O.W.L to raise the alarm. A panic button will allow them to discreetly call for help – for example if they are confronted by an animal, or have an accident. If signal is poor, they can create a timer via Access for sufficient time to allow them to carry out their duties and then return to a signal area.

Read more about LONEALERT Instant

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Man Down X

Ideal for working in demanding environments
Twig One


What is it?

Plus includes LONEALERT Access, and all the safety features of Instant, but adds high durability, IP67 rated devices, with LCD screen for improved user feedback and advanced notifications, with Bolt-Ons for indoor locating workers.

How it can work?

Ideal for those working by water, or in weather extremes due to the rugged, IP67 rating. Particularly if operating machinery, as the vibrating function on the Plus will warn the wearer of a pending activation. The Plus also notifies the used if it is not connected to the mobile network. The operator simply wears the Plus, and works, and if any issue occurs the Plus will raise the alarm, either through panic button, or automatically through the fall detection.

Read more about LONEALERT Plus


What is it?

Including all products within the LONEALERT Access range, the Anywhere solutions is great for those who work in outdoor areas with very limited mobile signal.

How it can work?

Anita works in an area with poor mobile signal, which can be challenging. Anywhere devices have been provided to Anita and her colleagues, so even without mobile signal she can log-in and out of LONEALERT with GPS locations and raise an alarm if needed.

Read more about LONEALERT Anywhere

Works anywhere no matter how remote

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