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Lone worker protection for community workers

If you have lone working staff that spend the majority of their time visiting the public in their own home, you will be fully aware of the risks they may encounter on a daily basis. Social workers, care workers and healthcare providers, charity workers are among many employees who have to carry out home visits, travel in remote, unknown locations, deal with unknown people and situations involving domestic violence or drug abuse and may also be working when fewer people are around either on a weekend or through the night.

These workers are classed as high risk / vulnerable lone workers. Many organisations implement a buddy system to try and solve their lone working issues. It should be noted that these are not always a cost effective solution, and can be subject to human error. They also may not be able to provide an effective and rapid response.

The LONEALERT O.W.L is designed to allow management to easily monitor the status and location of their staff while they are out and about, allowing you to be able to set up a personalised or community wide escalation procedure that will come into effect as soon as an alert is raised.

The LONEALERT O.W.L is designed to allow management to easily monitor the status and location of their staff, knowing they have arrived home or logged off at the end of their working day will give you peace of mind. The O.W.L also allows you to be able to set up a personalized or charity wide escalation procedures that will come into effect as soon as an alert is raised.

Lone worker protection - Community workers
Within this section you will find who is at RISK, the RIGHT LONEALERT solutions available, as well as DOWNLOADABLE risk assessments and relevent news within your sector.
Example of people at risk include Social Workers, Care Workers, District Nurses, Charity workers, Midwives, Emergency GP’s, Occupational Therapists, Counsellors, School Family Support Worker.

Our risk assessment

To carry out a risk assessment you need to think about what might cause harm to your employees and decide whether you are taking the reasonable steps needed to prevent any harm.

A risk assessment is something you are required to carry out by law. We have teamed up with lone working specialist trainer Jackie Dolan and created a comprehensive risk assessment for people working in the community.

Download our risk assessment

Lone worker protection - Community workers

LONEALERT Solutions for working in the community:

As with all sectors the level of risk depends on the employee’s job role - which can differ drastically. Looking after multiple staff while carrying out home visits can be a difficult task. We have a variety of solutions that will help you, all of which are controlled by The O.W.L, so you can mix and match solutions to suit your needs. The O.W.L allows you to set up personalised or companywide escalation procedures that will come into effect as soon as an alarm is raised.

Access from any desk phone


What is it?

Accessed via The O.W.L, landline, mobile phone or smartphone, LONEALERT Access is a simple, cost effective solution to benefit lower risk roles within this sector.

How it can work?

A charity workers works with vulnerable people in the community. The service users are well known to them and pose little risk. However they could be anywhere, shopping, the cinema, driving to an appointment or counselling. Using their phones the workers create a count-down timer for the length of their next appointment – whether this is 20 minutes, 2 hours or longer. The message contains expected duration and location. It can also include a discrete reference for the service user they are with. As long as they check out before the timer expires all is well, but failure to do so will raise the alarm and respondents will be advise of the workers location.

Read more about LONEALERT Access


What is it?

The Instant solution includes all products within the LONEALERT Access range, and adds access via a range of dedicated devices. GPS equipped with fall detection, panic and one button timer creation.

How it can work?

Jas, a social worker has a varied case load and she if often meeting people in high stress situations. She is never sure what is on the other side of the door. With her Instant device attached to her ID badge, belt or in pocket, the O.W.L knows where she is, so if Jas needs to press a panic button, or the fall detector is activated, help will be sent to her location.

Read more about LONEALERT Instant


Multiple wearing solutions ideal for personal safety
ID Card


What is it?

Plus includes LONEALERT Access, and all the safety features of Instant, but adds high durability, IP67 rated devices, with LCD screen for improved user feedback and advanced notifications, with Bolt-Ons for indoor locating workers.

How it can work?

A mental health worker is carrying out their work at a facility. Each room is equipped with a panic alarm, but it is not certain that a worker would always be able to reach this in a crisis. The Plus range can act as a base station for up to five SOS Button Bolt-Ons, which can be worn around a wrist, on a lanyard or in a pocket. Once activated, these signal to the Plus unit which notifies the O.W.L that help is needed, and the alarm is raised.

Read more about LONEALERT Plus


What is it?

Including all products within the LONEALERT Access range, the Anywhere solutions is great for those who work in outdoor areas with very limited mobile signal.

How it can work?

Working in an area with poor mobile signal can be challenging. Anywhere devices can provided to staff, so even without mobile signal they can log-in and out of LONEALERT with GPS locations and raise a panic alarm if needed.

Read more about LONEALERT Anywhere

Works anywhere no matter how remote

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