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Your employees

Your Employees

There are many occasions when using an external ARC (Alarm Receiving Centre) is not always necessary. In fact often your own employees can be the best solution in responding to alarm, as they can respond to the lone worker quickly.

You may have a member of staff that is lone working in a quiet area of the building, or a forklift truck driver off-loading pallets into the warehouse at a quiet time of the day. Accidents can and do happen, but if people are not around or not alerted the lone worker cannot get help, despite a colleague only being 30 seconds away in the next office. Having an employee as a responder would be the quickest way to get these lone / remote workers help if it were needed.

Another reason to use your employees could be that you handle confidential information, which you cannot disclose the location of and needs to be handled sensitively, but at the same time you can provide the lone worker with the right help quickly.

Response - Your employees
Lone worker protection - LONEALERT

Using your employees in conjunction with The O.W.L means you can:

  1. Alert colleagues on a pre-designated priority-order list or as a group all at once.
  2. Alerts sent to colleagues via SMS, email, phone call or visually in The O.W.L.
  3. Record alerts sent and responses given.
  4. Provide a location of the lone worker through various methods, this location can be defined to a room or even a store room locating workers anywhere in the world.
  5. Activate a siren or flashing light (if required, depending on the working environment, requires additional hardware).
The O.W.L is an intuitive, fully managed solution meaning that all of the alarm responses can be combined, escalated or de-escalated to build the right solution for your lone workers.

The O.W.L can be used in a variety of ways that best suits your needs. Have a look at some of the examples that we have put together to showcase how effective the system is. If you would like to discuss your requirements with us, please get in touch. We will be happy to help.

Lone worker protection - Your employees
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