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Your control room

Your Control Room

Larger organisations that have their own control rooms may have staff based in the business monitoring calls 24/7 so choose to deal with their own response procedures.

However, having a large staff volume with workers in different job roles, working different shifts patterns may mean that the operator does not know the lone worker and his/her background, which could present challenges when it comes to responding effectively. To implement The O.W.L, you simply need to provide one dedicated phone number and a web browser.

It operates seamlessly alongside existing software you may be running and is intuitive to use. This keeps initial and ongoing training requirements to a minimum. It also helps minimise the length of time operators spend administering alerts. You can be up and running extremely quickly, and the impact on other operations is minimal.

Response - Your control room

If you meet BS5979, we can help you achieve BS8484, the British Standard for Lone Worker Protection

Lone worker protection - LONEALERT

Using The O.W.L in conjunction with your control room means that:

  1. Staff who fully understand your operations, infrastructure and employee roles are responding to alarms.
  2. The operator is presented with the procedures for the lone worker at that point in time. No need to access other systems in the event of an alert.
  3. It can be used for combining sources of information, such as worker information and CCTV,GIS, Telemetry or vehicle tracking information to give a fuller picture.
  4. Operators can receive direct audio calls from lone worker devices in alarm, listening in and understanding the situation without requiring lone worker to speak or initiate call.
  5. You could even offer lone worker monitoring to your client as an additional revenue stream.
  6. You will be supported with full training from our team.
The O.W.L is an intuitive, fully managed solution meaning that all of the alarm response choices can be combined and alerts directed to Your Employees, Your Control Room and through our LONEALERT Responder (ARC) as required for the lone workers protocol in place at that point in time. This allows you choice to build the right solution for your lone workers.
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