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LONEALERT Responder (Our ARC)

LONEALERT Responder (Our ARC)

The LONEALERT Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) is a fully managed response solution giving you peace of mind that your lone workers have the support of highly trained staff who work 24/7 to respond to alerts effectively and efficiently.

Using the LONEALERT Responder service has the least impact on your business, as our staff will handle any calls directed to them as fully as they are able, only engaging other staff when the situation demands – e.g. to request key holders, to notify you of an alarm situation or to request further information to aid in verifying an alarm.

Response - LONEALERT Responder (Our ARC)
Lone worker protection - LONEALERT

Using The O.W.L in conjunction with our LONEALERT ARC means that:

  1. Operators who are trained to verify alarms promptly and escalate responses to emergency services if needed.
  2. Operators are trained to empathise, re-assure and support individuals in emergency or distressed states until help arrives.
  3. Operators who undergo regular and dedicated lone worker response training.
  4. Operators who liaise with your security and key holding companies to direct resources to your lone workers.
  5. Effective and immediate response for geographically diverse workforces where colleagues are not close by.
  6. Effective and immediate response for out-of-hours workers where contact with other colleagues' ability to respond is limited or non-existent.
The O.W.L is an intuitive, fully managed solution meaning that all of the alarm response choices can be combined and alerts directed to Your Employees, Your Control Room and through our LONEALERT Responder (ARC) as required for the lone workers protocol in place at that point in time. This allows you choice to build the right solution for your lone workers.
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