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International Response

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Response - International Response
LONEALERT’s flexibility means that we aren’t tied to a rigid system of protocols that only work effectively if the lone worker is in the UK. A number of LONEALERT’s clients are based overseas, with many more employing staff that travel abroad as part of their job role. LONEALERT fully supports them and their lone workers wherever they are in the world.
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If organisations need an international response, they talk to us, we listen and we configure the O.W.L in the most suitable way for their lone worker, or even the country in which they operate. This could be by providing our control room with specific protocols for contacting the emergency services in that country, contacting specific persons identified in an organisation’s dedicated overseas security provision, or we can set other people in the country as points on the escalation path, that can respond to the lone worker quickly, getting the right help with the most suitable service.

In some circumstances, even alerting the emergency services may not be the most effective method of assisting a lone worker, for example if an organisation has its own overseas security provision.
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