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Emergency services

This advise is predominantly for UK Based clients – see What if I need an International Response if you are outside of the UK.

Emergency Services

Can I get an Emergency Response? In a word, yes.

Response - Emergency services
All of the operators in LONEALERT’s dedicated ARC are highly trained to deal with each alarm call they receive and will call for an emergency response should the situation require it. We have robust procedures in place to support their decision making and our range of lone worker devices, combined with the O.W.L, have various features that assist operators in deciding whether an emergency response is required.
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Once an alert is raised to the ARC and the operator has decided that an emergency response is required, they are able to use their Unique Reference Number to request a police response or call 999 to request an ambulance or fire service, using the information provided by the lone worker - or that transmitted from the device - to get the right help to the right location if it is needed.

Some organisations, particularly those with their own in-house security and CCTV systems, choose to control their own response escalation procedures in the case of an emergency. In this instance, it may be that supervisors call 999 in the case of an incident involving one of their lone workers to request the most suitable emergency service if it is needed.

You may have people working on other areas of a site – a Security Guard in the gatehouse, or staff in other departments who can get to the lone workers location in seconds themselves and if required, call 999 with an accurate update of the lone workers condition, and gain a suitable response from the most suitable service.
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