LONEALERT - Overseeing Working aLone

Please complete this form to register for your LONEALERT trial

Thank you for choosing to trial LONEALERT. To get you set up we need some basic information. This will enable us to activate your trial.

Section 4 - Terms of LONEALERT trial

Once we receive this form, we will process it and ship the chosen product out to you. At the end of your trial you will be responsible for sending the device back to the following address:

FAO Goods Inwards, LONEALERT, Advance House, 9 Waterfall Lane Trading Estate, Old Hill, Birmingham, B64 6PU.

Please ensure that the goods are returned within 5 working days after the end date of your trial.

Whilst on trial you are accepting responsibility for the devices. If the device is lost, stolen or damaged or not returned within the agreed above dates, you will be liable for the value of the physical equipment supplied. Should this unfortunate event occur, you will be invoiced for each item not returned in good condition at the current list price + vat. A copy of our price list is available on request from sales@lonealert.com.

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