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Understanding The O.W.L


What is the O.W.L?

The O.W.L is the behind-the-scenes operating system of LONEALERT.

The O.W.L is the behind-the-scenes operating system of LONEALERT. It is the mechanics that enable all of LONEALERT’s devices to send appropriate alerts in any situation. This could be a lone worker's ‘check in’ expiring, with notifications being sent to supervisors, or someone in distress activating a panic alarm to our 24/7 monitoring centre. The O.W.L records all the information needed to ensure help can be sent to their exact location.

The O.W.L also gives authorised users a real-time view of lone worker activity, access to a wealth of both current and historic reporting information; and the status of both users and lone working devices on the account. The O.W.L also allows clients to administer the account and escalation responses themselves if they wish, so changes and updates can be made extremely quickly.

LONEALERT’s O.W.L operating system uses patented and complex technology so appropriate action is taken to keep lone workers safe, in any given situation. This complex, ever-improving and ever-developing technology - which is written by LONEALERT’s in-house team of software developers - allows organisations to customise their own lone worker solutions. Every organisation - whatever their size or industry - has different lone worker protection needs depending on the roles, working locations and circumstances of their workforce. LONEALERT’s O.W.L can be tailored to meet all of their individual needs and act accordingly to inform the right people with the right information immediately to ensure all lone workers are safe.

Lone worker protection - The O.W.L is the behind-the-scenes operating system of LONEALERT

Owls are a symbol of wisdom, intuitive knowledge, guidance and protection - just as our O.W.L (Overseeing Workers aLone) platform acts as a constant supportive presence and source of protection for lone workers.

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