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Understanding The O.W.L


What can the O.W.L tell me?

Lone worker protection - The O.W.L is the behind-the-scenes operating system of LONEALERT

The O.W.L provides a full portfolio of information regarding lone workers so they have the best possible protection whilst they work. This includes:

  • Who is currently lone working
  • When a user last worked alone
  • How long a worker anticipates working for
  • When a lone worker device was last used
  • Where staff are working
  • Where staff have been
  • When staff have arrived and left certain points
  • Live/real-time statuses of all devices and lone workers
  • Specific escalation paths for each worker
  • Usage and alert history
  • Alarm history
  • License and billing status and control
  • Device allocation
  • Full history of all usage
  • All data is exportable so it can be combined with other data sources
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