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Understanding The O.W.L


How does the O.W.L locate lone workers?

Lone worker protection - The O.W.L is the behind-the-scenes operating system of LONEALERT

A number of LONEALERT devices use GPS technology so workers can be easily located if they ever raise the alarm in time of distress or panic. With the exception of landlines and non-smartphones, all of the LONEALERT products are fitted with GPS so location information can be relayed to our Alarm Receiving Centre in the event of a fall or injury, enabling them to send help. For those working in remote locations, LONEALERT’s Anywhere solution is ideal as it relays an accurate GPS location even if there is no mobile phone signal.

GPS can, however, be limited as it relies on line of sight to the sky to work so an even more accurate location may be required to get help to people working in a block of flats or warehouse, for example. All of our products allow lone workers to supplement GPS with other solutions to give more specific information, such as the text-in service. Smartphone App or LONEALERT Plus. Lone worker can specify that they are in Flat 5, Floor 6 of Nelson Mandela House so help can be sent immediately to their exact location if it is needed, or simply swipe RF Tags to log in to various pre defined locations.

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