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Understanding The O.W.L


How can it be accessed?

Lone worker protection - The O.W.L is the behind-the-scenes operating system of LONEALERT

The complex technology that has gone into creating the O.W.L means that lone workers can access the protection of LONEALERT’s Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) via any of our devices or solutions so they can activate lone worker protection quickly, easily and how best suits them at any given time. It also allows managers and designated admin staff to access the ARC from any internet-enabled device, wherever they are, by simply visiting LONEALERT’s website and logging in with their username and password, whilst control room operators are able to view all information provided by the O.W.L locally on screens or on wall-mounted monitors for optimised views.

In the event of an emergency, the O.W.L will push the relevant information for that lone worker and his/her situation out to the relevant people so the appropriate response can be sent.

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