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Understanding The O.W.L


Does the O.W.L work with other systems?

Lone worker protection - The O.W.L is the behind-the-scenes operating system of LONEALERT

As the O.W.L has been created by LONEALERT’s team of exert software integrators and developers, it can easily be tailored to ‘talk’ to other systems already in place within organisations. We use SOAP APIS to allow communication between LONEALERT and other software and offer a range of integration options, ranging from sending or receiving import-ready files up to a fully automated two-way integration with event exchanges. Common applications include GIS systems, Monitoring Centre Systems, Workforce management systems to handle staff turnover of large workforces, Telematics, Vehicle Tracking Feeds and Remote Monitoring Solutions.

LONEALERT currently works with a number of other systems, including Synectics Synaxis, SAP, Verklizan UMO, Tunstall PNC and MonitorSoft.

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