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LONEALERT is one of the UK’s leading providers of lone worker protection solutions, delivering a range of lone worker alarms, devices, apps and solutions to protect people who work alone, remotely or are vulnerable in their work.

The LONEALERT range is a unique, comprehensive suite of products that uses complex patented technology and software, written by its parent company, Birmingham based Advance IT Group, to help protect people working alone.

Its lone worker solutions include a simple text format, Smartphone app, a Man Down device which automatically detects falls, a Man Down Plus device, or an Anywhere device ideal for remote locations that works via satellite without needing a mobile phone signal. Most provide Global GPS locations.

The fact that LONEALERT’s software is written in-house enables it to continually evolve, meaning existing devices can be updated with the latest technology to offer workers the best protection. For example, its enviable range of smartphone Apps have recently been fully re-engineered with enhanced user interfaces, integrated help screens, in-App panic alarms and common screen settings to aid seamless use across all smartphone platforms for both new and existing customers.

Its unique platform - the behind-the-scenes workings of LONEALERT - enables every organisation from every industry to benefit from entirely tailor-made lone working procedures, using whichever lone worker solution best suits them - or even a mixture of them all. LoneALERT operates a dedicated 24/7 response centre that can immediately send help or emergency assistance should a worker need it, whilst its devices will escalate pre-determined procedures within companies should customers choose to monitor lone workers themselves.

The technology used in all of LONEALERT’s devices and lone worker solutions is extremely complex to ensure the best possible protection for workers - but the best bit is that all of its solutions are incredibly easy to use for the worker, meaning they can get on with their jobs without hassle, safe in the knowledge that, should the worst happen, help is on hand.

As well as its ever-evolving range of devices and apps that can be used to provide tailor-made lone worker solutions for workers from every industry, LONEALERT also prides itself on top quality customer service. LONEALERT ensures all companies are given the best training to implement its lone worker solutions and regular support throughout their contracts. LONEALERT’s Customer Support & Training Manager, Val Clarke, has recently been awarded the national CIPD Learning & Development Certificate Level 3, meaning customers can be sure their staff are receiving only the best training to successfully implement lone working procedures.

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