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Product Focus on Man Down Plus

A very popular product in the LONEALERT Range is the Man Down Plus product and its range of associated accessories. Man Down Plus is excellent for industrial use and in very wet, dusty or clinical environments where cleanliness is essential. In addition to its fundamental lone worker protection offerings of SOS Panic Alarm, Man Down alerting and Timer protection, its range of accessories, including internal locating and alarm options, make it a very flexible choice for large facilities where finding someone after an alarm is raised could prove a challenge.

At stand-alone level, the Man Down Plus offers very similar features to our Man Down product – a fall sensor, dedicated panic button and 1-press feature to create a timer. Above this basic operation, it also offers the following features:

  • Audible and vibrating notification of alarms and notifications.
  • Auto create/cancel timers as unit is switched on and off
  • Screen for easy viewing of device status
  • IP67 rated for water and dust proofing
  • Shock proof housing
  • Long battery life (potentially 5 days with 1 GPS report every 10 minutes)
  • On screen confirmation messages
  • Programmable delay before Man Down Pre-alarm is activated.
  • Man Down Sensor can be switched off and on, with reports in LONEALERT when this is done. (feature can de disabled.)
  • As with standard LONEALERT flexibility, all features can be tailored, tweaked and customised to give you the exact solution you require.


The Man Down Plus also comes with an ATEX variant, identified by its yellow casing. The ATEX classification for this is 2 G Ex ib IIC T4 Gb.


In addition to the great features as a stand alone unit, the Man Down Plus can be accessorised with the following products:



RFID tags can be used to swipe in and out of rooms, or with a pooled device to identify the user. Great for a location with lots of rooms and poor GPS visibility. Tag buildings, rooms, or inspection route points to record attendance in the LONEALERT Management Platform.


Perfect for large areas with poor line of sight, or where a search may take a long time. Beacons allow you to segment large areas (indoor or outdoor), as the Man Down Plus will connect to the closest beacon and report this location to LONEALERT. The possible location of the Man Down Plus, and the search radius is then vastly reduced, from 50M radius to much wider depending on requirements.


Up to five wrist/pendant worn SOS buttons can be connected to one Man Down Plus. When pressed, these remotely trigger an SOS alert through the Man Down Plus which is transmitted to your escalation hierarchy. This is great as an alternative to panic buttons in rooms, as they do not need to be hard wired and are worn and so easy to reach.


Cradles can be used to keep Man Down Plus on trickle charge – great for when the devices are only used periodically – e.g. night / week end cover as they are always charged. Cradles also offer an easy way to ensure the Man Down Plus is returned to the correct location after use, rather than plugged in at the nearest wall socket! (Of course, if it is turned on, the GPS and indoor locations will help you find it!).


We have just released our Man Down Plus PRO product, which offers all the same features and functionality as Man Down Plus, but offers an upgraded speaker and vibrating module. Should noise be an issue in the environment where you lone workers operate then the Man Down Plus is for you. Audible over an operational production line, whilst wearing ear defenders you can’t miss it. And if you do, the vibration is extremely strong to alert the wearer.

We are taking enquiries for this product now.

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