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LONEALERT launches community drive to keep charity volunteers safe

LONEALERT will give away dozens of its devices to charities to keep volunteers safe - and is now asking for nominations of worthy winners.

LONEALERT will give away 30 of its Man Down devices, worth £150 each, as part of its LONEALERT In The Community campaign.

The Man Down devices - which automatically send an alert if the user is distressed or injured - will be handed out to selected charity volunteers who find themselves alone or vulnerable.

Whether it be dog walkers who help out at animal shelters, community-minded residents who deliver meals to elderly residents or volunteer carers who visit strangers’ homes, the campaign aims to give something back to those who go above and beyond to help others.

LONEALERT is now asking for people to nominate their chosen charity or volunteer by emailing charity@lonealert.co.uk and explaining in no more than 200 words why they should receive one or more of the devices. The closing date for nominations is November 30th. Winners will be selected and announced in December.

The Man Down devices have been developed using LONEALERT’s patented technology to keep lone and vulnerable workers safe. They feature a panic button for the user to raise an instant alarm in the event of an emergency, integrated GPS and a fall sensor which detects if the user is in ‘man down’ condition. If the wearer does not respond, an alert is raised so help can be sent to the user’s exact location.

LONEALERT’s Man Down devices are used by dozens of internationally renowned companies to keep their workers safe, ranging from Thames Water to Weetabix and McCains.

Mathew Colley, Sales & Marketing Manager at LONEALERT, said: “The Man Down devices have been developed with lone and vulnerable workers in mind, which makes them the perfect solution to protect charity volunteers who also find themselves in similar situations.

We wanted to give something back to the people who go above and beyond to help others, often putting themselves at risk to do so, whether that be a volunteer who finds themselves walking dogs on isolated routes for an animal shelter, those who go out of an evening on their own to feed homeless people or those who go house to house alone to give strangers company in their time of need.

Just as the range of lone workers is huge, so is the range of charity volunteers that could benefit from a LONEALERT Man Down device. We want to give volunteers peace of mind that they can raise the alarm and help will be sent should they need it.

We are now asking for people to nominate the charities, good causes or individual volunteers they believe should win one or more devices. I imagine it is going to be very difficult selecting the winners because there are so many people who go out of their way to help others. It is nice to be able to give something back to them and help them to stay safe.

Notes to Editors:

LONEALERT is a unique, comprehensive suite of products to protect staff working alone, remotely or who are vulnerable. It uses complex patented technology written by Cradley Heath based Advance IT Group and is being turned to by companies from a varied range of industries to help keep their staff safe in the line of duty.

LONEALERT is fast becoming recognised as the leading international voice in lone worker protection. Its solutions include a simple text format, Smartphone app, a ‘Man Down’ device which automatically detects falls or an ‘Anywhere’ device ideal for remote locations that works via GPS without a mobile phone signal.

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LONEALERT is a leading supplier of lone worker protection solutions and lone worker alarms to protect staff who work remotely, alone or are vulnerable.

Website: www.lonealert.co.uk

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