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LONEALERT expands into bigger premises as demand soars

The company behind an innovative alert system that protects tens of thousands of lone and vulnerable workers has expanded into bigger premises.

LONEALERT is fast becoming recognised as the leading international voice in lone worker protection with a comprehensive suite of products to protect staff working alone, remotely or who are vulnerable, as well as enabling employers to meet their Duty of Care to workers.

Featuring complex patented technology written by Advance IT Solutions, the system allows lone workers to simply check in at the start of their shift or hazardous activity and raise a panic alarm in the event of distress. Automatic alerts are sent if workers do not check out within their allocated timeframe.

Tens of thousands of workers from across the world are already being protected by the unique LONEALERT system and now the company has moved into larger premises at Advance House, Birmingham, to meet the huge demand. The company was previously based in an office unit on West Bromwich’s Swan Lane industrial estate.

The success of LONEALERT is already being defined by soaring numbers of companies and workers signing up to use the system from a range of industries as well as countless examples of workers who have received urgent emergency treatment as a result of their LONEALERT accounts.

It is available in a simple text format, Smartphone app, as a Man Down device which automatically detects falls or an Anywhere device ideal for remote locations that works via GPS without a mobile phone signal. A specialist web portal also allows workers to create, update and cancel check-in times while an admin area gives permitted staff the ability to view an enormous amount of information relating to their workforce and LONEALERT account.

At the core of the company’s philosophy is excellent customer service while the intelligence of the software means LONEALERT provides a flexible lone worker protection that can be tailored to suit every single worker or organisation – whether it be a self-employed roofer, a charity, a cleaner working unsociable night shifts, a multi-national company with thousands of workers – and everything in between.

There is even a choice when it comes to responding to workers’ panic alerts to suit all needs – including Advance It Solutions’ specialist 24/7 response centre, response software that can be installed into companies’ own response centres or a self-monitoring option.

Mathew Colley, Sales and Marketing Manager at Advance IT Solutions, said: “We are delighted to have expanded and moved into much bigger premises. We see this as a platform for the business to continue growth. These new premises will allow us to provide customer training and customer experience centres, as well as a communications suite to enable us to communicate clients in the virtual space.

With six million lone workers in the UK from every industry and walk of life, the need to protect staff as they go about their duties is a vital one and as figures show that employers can expect to lose tens of thousands of pounds for every worker injured in the line of duty, the need to protect themselves is just as crucial.

“LONEALERT is the best way for workers to ensure they are safe and feel protected in every working environment whilst making sure employers are giving the best Duty of Care to their staff. The product is incredibly flexible. It is a system that offers everything in lone worker protection to every single company or worker, whatever the industry, whilst being very easy to use.

It is wonderful that companies and organisations from every industry are realising the benefits of the LONEALERT system and the importance of ensuring their workforce are safe in the line of duty.

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LONEALERT is a leading supplier of lone worker protection solutions and lone worker alarms to protect staff who work remotely, alone or are vulnerable.

Website: www.lonealert.co.uk

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