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LONEALERT celebrates successful year of business as it moves forward to next financial year

Lone worker protection specialist LONEALERT is celebrating a successful year of business after winning dozens of new contracts as it moves forward into the next financial year as the leading voice in the industry.

From national construction firms to charities, environmental specialists, councils, water companies, ports, transport organisations, breweries - and everything in between - companies from a varied range of industries are turning to the lone worker protection specialist to help keep their staff safe in the line of duty.

LONEALERT is a unique, comprehensive suite of products to protect staff working alone, remotely or who are vulnerable. It uses complex patented technology written by Cradley Heath-based Advance IT Group and is fast becoming recognised as the leading international voice in lone worker protection.

Its solutions include a simple text format, Smartphone app, a ‘Man Down’ device which automatically detects falls or an ‘Anywhere’ device ideal for remote locations that works via GPS without a mobile phone signal.

The issue of lone working is being thrust into the spotlight due to ever-evolving legislation that continues to emphasise the Duty of Care employers have to their workers and gained international recognition recently when there was a threat of a strike on the Eurostar due to the treatment of a worker who had allegedly refused to work alone.

LONEALERT, which is located on Waterfall Lane Trading Estate, is continuing its drive of becoming the national voice of the industry after updating its Smartphone app offerings to become the leader in its field and winning dozens of new contracts.

Among the contracts it has been awarded over the past year include Hanson Cement, which is using the service to protect drivers when they leave their vehicles; children’s charity Barnado’s, which now uses the LONEALERT Smartphone system to ensure the safety of support workers carrying out home visits; MWH Global, a water company supporting big water utilities which has extended its contract to protect more than 100 extra Seven Trent workers and the Walsingham Estate, a country estate in Norfolk which has a number of staff working alone with poor signal.

The company already has a number of other big contracts with national and international companies including Weetabix, McCains, British Red Cross, Imperial College London, Aston Manor Brewery and Al Jazeera TV.

Mathew Colley, Sales & Marketing Manager at LONEALERT, said:

LONEALERT is the best way for workers to ensure they are safe and feel protected in every working environment whilst making sure employers are giving the best Duty of Care to their staff.

Due to the flexibility of the software the LONEALERT system can be tailored to suit companies or organisations of any size and in every industry.

We are really pleased that we have enjoyed a successful year of business which has seen us become the lone worker protection specialist of choice for so many organisations in such a varied range of industries and we look forward to going into the next financial year on such a positive note.

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LONEALERT is a leading supplier of lone worker protection solutions and lone worker alarms to protect staff who work remotely, alone or are vulnerable.

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