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Implementation Guide

Lone Worker Protection Implementation Guide

One of LONEALERT’s main aims is to help their customers with the implementation of Lone Worker protection systems. We offer a range of documents that cover areas such as lone working legislation, cost implications and lone worker surveys. These documents are designed to help our new customers use the best possible practice to help ensure straightforward implementation of their new Lone Working Solution.

We have had the documents created by the National Network of Training Coordinators (NNTC).

Below are a few sample documents we have had created on Lone Working, the potential costs and employee surveys. Feel free to take a look at these samples.

Costs of not protecting

The Costs

Here we look at the possible cost implications of not using a lone worker protection system such as LONEALERT. Read more...

The Legalities

The Legalities

Take a look at the legal requirements to employers of Lone workers. There are 7 different regulations and Acts. Read more...

Appendix 1 - Lone Working Survey Tool

Appendix 1 - Lone Working Survey Tool

Here we have a check list of important questions to consider when incorporating a Lone Worker Protection system. Read more...

Appendix B - LoneALERT Effectiveness Survey

Appendix B - LoneALERT Effectiveness Survey

Already a LONEALERT customer? Take the effectiveness survey, see if LONEALERT is solving all these issues. Read more...

As a LONEALERT customer we also offer information on the following areas:

  • Who are Lone Workers?
  • Employer Responsibilities of Lone Working
  • Lone Working Guidance and best practice
  • Step By step guide on implementing a Lone Working System
  • Frequently asked questions about Lone Working

Still not sure? Feel free to ask us a question.

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