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Premier League football club - how LONEALERT is helping lone workers

Premier League football club - how LONEALERT is helping lone workers

A Premier League football club has chosen LONEALERT to enhance the safety of security guards who are responsible for manning the site 24/7.

Five of our SOS Fobs are now being used by the security team, who are responsible for security of the club site, which also includes a number of leisure amenities as well as the football ground.

Due to these amenities, security guards patrol the site at anti-social hours even when matches are not being played, opening them up to a number of risks, including periods of low contact with peers and potentially aggressive intruders.

Our SOS Fobs are a popular device used by hundreds of lone workers in a diverse range of industries, due to their small and lightweight, yet durable, design which means they can be worn in various ways (such as clipped to a belt or on a lanyard) and enable a wearer to raise a panic alarm discreetly.

Lone worker device BS 8484:2016 certified lone worker sos fob alarm

LONEALERT Field Sales Executive, Alex Jones, said:

“We are delighted to add a Premier League football club to our wide-ranging client base, providing lone worker protection to members of the security team on site.”

“Although football is the main focus of the site, it is also home to a number of other amenities used by members of the public, and is therefore manned 24/7.”

Security guards face various risks as they carry out their duties and, while people depend on security guards for safety and security, it is important that they feel safe too. The risks facing lone workers in the security industry include working during unsociable hours and periods of low contact with peers. They also face the risks of intruders, aggressive or intoxicated members of the public.”

“Our SOS Fob was the perfect choice for workers in this environment, giving the security guards added peace of mind that they can discreetly call for urgent help to be sent immediately should a situation escalate, or they injure themselves whilst patrolling the site alone. We look forward to working together going forward, to provide the safest possible environment for the security team.”

SOS Fob In the spotlight

An advanced, lightweight and durable safety device. Ideal for those with a public facing role that may need to call for urgent assistance discreetly.

The SOS Fob is also IPX5 water resistant meaning it can resist sustained, low-pressure water jet spray.

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