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MWH uses LONEALERT Text -In solution for its workforce

MWH uses LONEALERT Text -In solution for its workforce

MWH Global is a strategic consulting, technical engineering and construction services firm leading the wet infrastructure sector which works with partners in multiple industries around the world that focus on water, energy and natural resources.

The company uses LONEALERT’s Text-In solution to protect members of its workforce in two locations. We spoke to MWH’s Project Manager Kate Trisconi-Pugh, who has been instrumental in implementing the solution, to see how it is helping to keep the company’s workers safe and ensuring MWH fulfils its Duty of Care to employees.

What were your lone worker issues prior to LONEALERT?

Our system relied on a manual register of users checking into a supervisor, and relied on the supervisor continuing to monitor a team on top of his daily duties. This left the system open to human error, placing our workers at risk.

Why does LONEALERT suit workers in utilities and water?

The automated system is well suited to operators in a mobile working environment, we have a high number on staff working on their own and outside of standard office hours

Was there a particular incident that prompted the implementation of a lone worker protection service?

Our clients use a mobile system and encouraged us to implement something similar.

What are your initial thoughts on LONEALERT?

The system has integrated very well within our organisation, by taking the responsibility away from a supervisor and negating the need for a supervisor to be available on out of hours work. The automated system has proved to be 100% reliable in alerting members of staff on the escalation risk, providing confidence in ensuring our staff stay safe.

Main reason for choosing LONEALERT’s Text-In service?

Our staff are already equipped with basic mobile phones with no data service. Using the existing mobile phones has negated the need for purchasing additional equipment.

Does LONEALERT help you log the activities of your workers?

We make regular use of the reporting function on the LONEALERT website to monitor our operative’s use of this system, ensuring that all staff use the system.

If so how do you monitor it? (Admin)

Area managers use the usage report on LONEALERT regularly to check that their operatives are logging into the system when required to. It is also utilised by Managers to audit the process and staff.

Was the LONEALERT Responder a key factor in your LONEALERT decision? (If so why?)

Use of a monitoring service negates the requirement to provide out of hours supervision, thereby reducing operating costs.

How have you found the induction LONEALERT and LONEALERT Responder?

The induction service using the dial in conference call, and in particular the one on one training, has been excellent. All workers are clear on how to use the system.

What are your impressions of the LONEALERT Responder and why do you think it is crucial to your lone workers?

The system has worked very well, and we will continue to evolve our working practices to ensure full integration between MWH and LONEALERT. The service is vital to the well-being of our workforce, particularly during night time/ out of hour’s operation.

Would you be able to handle your lone worker situation without the LONEALERT Responder?

We had an internal checking system, however this wasn’t 100% reliable. The responder service was a key component in our decision to use LONEALERT.

Thought on LONEALERT Customer Service?

Excellent customer service. We couldn’t ask for more.

Would you recommend LONEALERT to other companies in your situation?

We have already recommended this system to another company, who have decided to use LONEALERT themselves. Our key clients are very impressed with the system.

Improved Safety and Reliability
MWH Global lone worker wireless panic alarm

The Text-in service forms part of LONEALERT’s comprehensive suite of products to protect staff working alone, remotely or who are vulnerable, which uses complex patented technology.

Lone workers simply check in at the start of their shift or hazardous activity and can raise a panic alarm in the event of distress. Automatic alerts are sent if workers do not check out within their allocated timeframe. As well as the text-in service, it is also available as a Smartphone app, as a ‘Man Down’ device which automatically detects falls or an ‘Anywhere’ device ideal for remote locations that works via GPS without a mobile phone signal. A specialist web portal also allows workers to create, update and cancel check-in times while an admin area gives permitted staff the ability to view an enormous amount of information relating to their workforce and LONEALERT account.

Key Features:

  • Meets relevant BS8484 criteria
  • Works on absolutely any mobile phone
  • Flexible to operate as needs dictate
  • Monitors your employees’ safety 24/7
  • Integrated panic button feature
  • Can be operated on PC and Landline
  • LONEALERT web based Management Suite included in price

Key Benefits:

  • Minimises capital outlay, without compromising the safety of those within your duty of care
  • Peace of mind that your lone workers safety is constantly monitored
  • Simple to implement and monitor, reducing admin time
  • Instant alerting in an emergency situation
  • Protects the individual AND the business

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LONEALERT is a leading supplier of lone worker protection solutions and lone worker alarms to protect staff who work remotely, alone or are vulnerable.

Website: www.lonealert.co.uk

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