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Lone Worker Protection Case Studies



LONEALERT is a leading supplier of lone worker protection solutions and lone worker alarms to protect staff who work remotely, alone or are vulnerable.
On the surface, Environmental Health work may not appear among the most hazardous professions. After all, it’s unlikely workers in this industry will be scaling telegraph poles to fix equipment in all weather conditions, or negotiating heavy and dangerous machinery, or working in the middle…
Working with unpredictable livestock, using heavy machinery, in remote areas and in potentially unfavourable weather conditions - often alone - it may come as no surprise that agriculture continually tops the list of hazardous industries in the UK. Despite accounting for just 1% of the…

Product focus: Rip cord/silent alarm

  • Thursday, 12 July 2018 08:00
For lone workers, perhaps the most well-known feature of the ID Card solution is the in-built panic alarm, which allows users to press for help discreetly, triggering an urgent call which sets in motion a response procedure to get them help immediately. However, there are…

Industry focus: Community/Healthcare

  • Wednesday, 11 July 2018 08:00
If you have lone working staff that spend the majority of their time visiting the public in their own homes, or dealing with potentially volatile or vulnerable members of the public, you will be fully aware of the risks they may encounter on a daily…

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