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What is the LONEALERT Platform?

One of the most important elements when implementing a lone worker solution is the ability to be able to effectively manage your lone/remote workforce in a safe, timely manner. We are often asked what the LoneALERT platform is and why it is such an important…
I’ll put it out there from the offset - I’m not a fan of Big Brother. That’s the Channel 5 show where they shove a group of strangers in a fake house filled with cameras, film their every move and wait for the fireworks to…

The Professional Security Officer

There are tens of thousands of lone workers in the security industry in the UK. Many of them don’t even realise they fall into that category. Mathew Colley, LONEALERT’s Sales & Marketing Manager, discusses how vital it is that lone workers in the industry are…
Tens of thousands of emergency services workers are attacked in the UK every year. Mathew Colley, LONEALERT’s Sales & Marketing Manager, says it is a positive step that the thugs responsible could see their sentences doubled. Attacks on the emergency services workers are all too…

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