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Why the ID Badge could be the best lone worker solution for you

When it comes to protecting lone workers, sometimes simplicity is key.

Step forward the ID Badge holder and a few reasons why it could be the best solution for your lone workers.

They’re already used every day: For millions of workers, an identification badge is already part of the uniform, whether they be social workers, carers, nurses, estate agents or door-to-door salespeople. As these devices are designed to be disguised as your average identity card holder, workers can wear them as they already do, attached to a lanyard around their neck or clipped on to a belt - but with the bonus of knowing they have instant access to help should a situation arise.

They’re discreet: Due to the design, it is not obvious that those wearing an ID Badge solution are actually wearing any sort of lone worker protection at all. This is particularly important for those lone workers who may frequently deal with potentially volatile people or situations, such as A&E nurses, counsellors or community workers helping people with drug and alcohol issues, for example. Lone workers who deal in these conditions have reported that situations would only escalate if they pulled out a mobile to call for help. With the Identity badge holder, wearers can press a panic alarm without drawing attention, setting a pre-designated escalation plan in process immediately to get them help.

Easy to use: One of the biggest fears among workers when employers discuss the possibility of introducing lone worker protection is that devices will be complicated to use and require them to spend extra time logging in to confusing computer systems to have all of their movements tracked. Fear not if the ID card holder is your solution of choice. Using it could not be more simple. Feel threatened? Press the dedicated panic alarm and help will be on its way. As the device conforms with BS8484, the British Standard for lone worker protection, you can rest assured that when the panic button is pressed, your chosen response escalation will be triggered.

Lightweight: Its sleek design means this form of lone worker protection is incredibly lightweight. The device itself is embedded into the back of the design, as opposed to being clipped on to the back of a regular badge holder, making it much more comfortable for the wearer.

Multiple functions: As well as the dedicated panic alarm, which can be pressed to trigger an escalation plan immediately, this nifty device has a whole host of other features to benefit lone workers should they be in distress. A check in and out button allows wearers to let their employers know they have reached appointments and safely exited in the click of a button, whilst there is also a two-way voice call feature that allows wearers to communicate directly with the Alarm Receiving Centre. In-built GPS ensures that if the device is activated, help can be sent to the worker’s exact location and a ‘Man Down’ feature means the device can automatically detect if the wearer has fallen or been attacked.

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