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What is the LONEALERT Platform?

What is the LONEALERT Platform?

One of the most important elements when implementing a lone worker solution is the ability to be able to effectively manage your lone/remote workforce in a safe, timely manner.

We are often asked what the LoneALERT platform is and why it is such an important factor when choosing a lone working provider. We have therefore listed some frequently asked questions in order to help you understand what the platform is and why it is so important to the implementation of your lone working policy.

What is a LONEALERT Platform?

The platform is the behind-the-scenes mechanics of LONEALERT, similar to the workings of a phone. It is the operating system for all of our lone working devices.

Organisations can have a range of job roles, therefore one lone worker device will not suit all of them. The platform allows management to be able to effectively review, monitor and maintain control of lone and mobile workforces that are using just one or a variety of different devices by integrating all of these aspects under one roof.

How does it work?

For the inner tech, the operating system is an interactive interface which has a plug-and-play technology nature so as technology evolves and new equipment / technologies become available they can easily be incorporated into the LONEALERT platform by our team to benefit your lone workers.

The operating system is the means that helps to protect your lone/mobile workers by ensuring that management (or whoever you have decided is the designated controller) can easily monitor, change protocols, delete and add users, access maps and location information, as well retrieving incidents and managing accounts in real time - 24/7. Therefore your staff can work with a peace of mind by knowing that you have their back whilst they carry out their duties either alone or remotely.

What is the benefit of having this, as opposed to a standard off-the-shelf device?

Off-the-shelf devices, although cheaper, do not have the technological interface behind them for you to effectively manage your lone/mobile workforce, therefore potentially putting your staff at risk.

The flexibility of the LONEALERT system enables management to easily change numbers of those in the contact chain without re-calling all devices - saving lots of time.

It also provides an audit trail, so when a panic button is pressed, you can see and evidence who was contacted, how, when and what action they took. Imagine trying to pore over phone records of respondents to see if they made amor received a calls in an event of an alert.

At LONEALERT, we work with you to understand your lone working needs and tailor a comprehensive software package with the right devices to reflect this. We will be with you 24/7, offering ongoing training and support.

I have over 300 workers that work remotely and need different devices. How will this platform work for me?

The structure of the LONEALERT operating system means that it allows lone workers to use a range of devices interactively.

We recognise lone workers, not lone worker devices, therefore a lone worker can have access to multiple solutions within one device and will be able to use the most appropriate solution at the right time depending on the work scenario.

Problem: Your Man Down device is not working as there is currently no mobile signal in the area you are working in.

Solution: The lone worker is able to use our other services - Check Call from a landline, Text-In from a personal mobile, Smartphone, or Anywhere to contact the designated person.

Extra protection at no extra cost

The mobile solutions (Text-In, Check Call and Smartphone) are all included within the license, so there is no extra cost for you, plus workers will have access to extra protection without having to carry a different device.

Flexibility is key

The flexibility of the platform enables you to be constantly in control, allowing devices to be shared by multiple users. Furthermore you will be able to reallocate devices to staff in real time. This can be invaluable especially if you employ shift workers and will also reduce your subscriptions costs.

Our highly-skilled team will work with you to ensure our package suits your lone working needs, whether it is for a small business or a multi-national organisation. At LONEALERT, we can cater for all sizes and all budgets.

What happens in the case of an emergency?

The portal view of the platform gives a real-time view of the situation lone and remote workers are in. As a lone worker specialist, we understand the risks faced by lone/mobile workers in all industries and how varied these can be. The alarm escalation is designed by you, to work for you, and are all editable in real time 24/7 within the system.

Furthermore, the device which you chose is created to react accordingly within your working environment e.g: Man Down is perfect for those working in factories or at heights, our Smartphone app is ideal for those working in people’s homes, or travelling for business.

How does this work?

Each organisation will have their own policy for alarm escalation, however in a nutshell these are the steps that are taken to ensure a rapid response:

  1. Contact details and description plus medical details of the worker are entered in to the system for each person.
  2. These are then organised as a list of contacts.
  3. Our system then contacts each in turn by all contact methods until someone responds and reacts.This happens either automatically or via our response centre.
  4. if our response centre is used they can remotely access the only worker devices discretely and should it become clear that the lone worker needs assistance emergency services will be sent to aid the lone worker.

Depending on your needs / preference the contact chain can be automatic (how) or human if our monitoring centre is used. The contact chains can also be set to switch automatically at certain times of the day.

So, what happens with regards to training?

You will be trained by our LONEALERT specialists at the beginning of implementation. We will support you through this step by step, ensuring you and your team are fully trained with the device chosen and the management platform.

I would like to stay that the service and support offered by Advance IT Group and indeed LONEALERT has been excellent, in particular the assistance from Val Clarke from Customer Service/Support. Her support in the early stages of setting up the system, and indeed with any follow-up requirement was met with professionalism, and an open, relaxed customer service manner, she is amazing.

Jackie Friar / H&S Advisor / Facilities Team Leader
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Mathew Colley

Mathew Colley is the Sales & Marketing Manager at LONEALERT, leading supplier of lone worker protection solutions and lone worker alarms to protect staff who work remotely, alone or are vulnerable.

Website: www.lonealert.co.uk

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