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What factors should I consider when choosing a lone worker solution?

What factors should I consider when choosing a lone worker solution?

You’re aware there are members of your workforce spending increasing time working alone or remotely, and you know it’s your responsibility to keep them safe.

You’ve decided to introduce a lone worker protection system, but what factors do you need to consider?

Worker buy in: fear of ‘Big Brother’

A common concern among workers when lone worker protection is raised is ‘Big Brother’. Some staff fear the tracking capabilities of GPS-based protection systems will be used to ‘spy’ on them, rather than for their actual purpose of providing accurate locations in times of need.

If that’s the case, it’s unlikely you’ll have their support when any system is introduced - rendering the entire thing useless.

By empowering the workforce to be part of the decision-making process from the onset, whilst reassuring them that the introduction of such devices are meant as a safety aid, not a spying tool, they are much more likely to buy in to the system. You can reassure them that the system’s settings can be tailored with strict permissions and parameters in place to ensure it is only used for what is intended, before continuing this engagement by urging them to provide feedback and actually reacting to their concerns, queries and suggestions - and rewarding those who make the most use of the system.


There is a misconception that effective protection is a costly exercise, but the truth is that it doesn’t have to cost the earth. There are a number of ways to introduce effective solutions on a budget, including making use of workers’ existing communications systems, such as lone working apps through your smartphone or text-in services and pooling dedicated devices among workforces. Click here to read our blog about introducing lone worker protection on a budget.

The costs involved in effective lone worker protection don’t just begin and end with a device, though. We’ve broken down some of the costs you’ll need to consider here.

The cost of lone worker protection >

Workforce demographic and risk variation

There’s no such thing as a ‘one size fits all’ lone worker protection system. Different job roles, carried out by people of various ages and technological capabilities, present different risks - and therefore require different solutions to ensure their safety.

This vast range of variables can put some people off from even getting the process started.

Allowing companies to mix and match a range of solutions means they can create an entirely tailor-made lone worker safety system that works for everyone.

You can mix and match from our entire range of devices

Ongoing support and training

Introducing a lone worker protection system is only half of the story. Your company culture must fully understand and embrace the need to protect lone workers, by training and educating staff about its importance, as well as its use and management, for your solution to work effectively.

Find out what training, support and guidance your supplier is offering in the long run - and not just on initial hand over.

Read more about why training is vital for effective lone worker protection - and how to implement it here.

Response management

Getting the right response when a lone worker raises an alarm is vital. But, the right response process for one lone worker may be wrong for another.

Just as employers choose to mix and match devices to suit individual needs, flexibility is also key when it comes to considering the right escalation and response process for your organisation at various levels - whether that be for specific teams, job roles, or even the time of day. Whilst a dedicated Alarm Receiving Centre may be the best response option to cover the skeleton night shift, a system utilising on-site colleagues may be the most effective option during the day.

Read more about LONEALERT’s unrivalled range of response systems, all designed to provide the most effective assistance in any circumstance, and which can be mixed and matched to provide the quickest and most efficient responses for every business 24/7.

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