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Visit to LONEALERT Man Down competition winners - GYWOP

So, I had a trip to Gateshead, in the beautiful North East a couple of weeks ago, past the Iconic Angel of the North. I got to meet the lovely Joanne Joplin, CEO of Gateshead Young Women’s Outreach Project. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to meet her colleague Caz Moir, who was the reason I was there...

At the end of 2016, we launched our LONEALERT in the Community Initiative. We wanted to give more back to the community, in which we work and had identified that all across the UK there are charities fighting for the funds to support their service users, and while they recognise the risks to their staff and volunteers who often work alone, don’t have enormous funds available.

Hence our competition to tell us why your charity needed 15 of our LONEALERT Man Down devices free of charge to help protect your staff and volunteers.

The competition was on, the entries were received and Gateshead Young Women’s Outreach Project (YWOP) was one of two worthy winners, with an entry penned by Caz.

Many of the young women YWOP assist are at significant risk of poor outcomes due to a range of vulnerabilities and complex needs. Their aim is that vulnerable young women & young mothers or those identified at risk receive holistic support, advice and guidance.

To achieve this aim, they have many committed staff and volunteers who work in the community and at the YWOP drop in centres to assist young women in any way that they can. We are just so pleased to be able to provide a bit of extra peace of mind to Joanne and he trustee’s, Caz and her colleagues and their families that LONEALERT has got their back, when they are out doing vital work.

Even better was to realise that when I met Joanne and her colleagues; they were lovely people and I look forward to supporting them.




P.s. follow them on Twitter @GYWOP and help spread the news about them.

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Mathew Colley

Mathew Colley is the Sales & Marketing Manager at LONEALERT, leading supplier of lone worker protection solutions and lone worker alarms to protect staff who work remotely, alone or are vulnerable.

Website: www.lonealert.co.uk

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