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Sub-Contractors - Who is responsible for their safety when they are on site?

  • Monday, 12 March 2018 08:00
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When taking on a contractor, the question always remains the same, whose responsibility is it to keep the workers safe? Sub-contractors one minute may be fitting a roof for a small business, alone, or they may be working on a big project for a new business with other construction workers. Either way, they must be safe.

Are you a contractor that goes from job to job, always on the move and looking for new work? If you are, how often have you stopped and thought ‘who’s responsibility is it to make sure you are safe while working?’ Interesting question. I asked around the office and received mix views on whether it is yours as a contractor or is it the company/person who has contracted you in to do the job.

Across the world, everyone has different rules and regulations for the safety of contracted workers, especially lone workers. Companies will want the job to be done efficiently and as quick as possible, however this doesn’t always mean the worker/workers are safe. Before you go ahead and agree the contract work, consider the safety of yourself and others. Discuss who’s responsibility it is to keep you safe.

A lot of companies will have an agreement lined up for any contracted work, these agreements will state it is your responsibility to follow safety procedures. However, if you are a lone worker it can become a little more complex. That’s why having a lone worker device is so beneficial, one minute you may need lone worker protection while as the next minute you may not.

The beauty with lone working devices are that they are simple and easy to use, but very effective in getting help in emergency situations. You may not need the device for 2 weeks, but that one working day you do, you’ve got it on hand. Having the ability to work alone safely means you could even potentially get more work as you are not restricted in having another worker with you.

We have lone working devices to suit a wide range of industries, working on construction? Our Protector Pro is IP67 rated, robust, with the Customisable Man Down feature and dedicated panic button. Are you a nurse going from different homes and different clients? The SOS Fob has a dedicated fall sensor, panic alarm, voice call and the check in/out facility as all of our devices have. The range of devices/solutions that are available to you mean you can lone work safely and secure at an affordable cost.

As the topic is very complex and there aren’t any set rules, know the options are out there and thinking about your safety should be at the front of your mind. Call us if you have any questions or concerns about lone working as a sub-contractor or employing a sub-contractor, 0330 999 8484.

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