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Simply setting a timer could save your life

For those workers who spend their days out on the road or in unfamiliar, remote locations up and down the country, work can be demanding and lonely.

Whether you be a field engineer, courier or long-distance lorry driver, for example, you can find yourself in a different place every day without regular contact from colleagues or any peace of mind that should an incident occur, your employers would know that something was wrong and where to send help.

Simply setting and creating timers using LONEALERT’s unique behind-the-scenes O.W.L monitoring system will immediately put you on the radar and automatically flag up an issue should something happen. It’s a simple, yet effective, way of staying safe at work. Why could it be the best solution for your lone workers and your business?

It’s easy to use: You don’t have be qualified in computer science to use this system as checking in and out of an appointment or job is achieved at the push of a button. One of the biggest fears among lone workers when employers discuss the possibility of introducing lone worker protection is that devices will be complicated to use and require them to spend extra time logging in to confusing computer systems to have all of their movements tracked. With this system, workers simply push a button to notify employers that they’ve arrived safely at a given location. If they fail to check out as expected, an immediate response escalation process will be triggered.

It works in real-time: Due to the 24/7 nature of the O.W.L, all information is sent and received in real time to ensure lone workers are given the best possible protection at all times, whatever their shift patterns or location. If a worker ‘checks in’ to a shift, this information will be processed immediately so supervisors can monitor their staff are safely where they should be at any given moment - or be alerted if a worker fails to reach their destination or fails to ‘check out’ within the chosen timer setting so help can be sent if needed. Reports are also in real time and up to the minute.

It is tailored to your needs: Every time a worker fails to ‘check in’ or misses an allocated timer setting for an appointment, a pre-determined escalation process will be triggered that can be tailored entirely to the needs of the business or even individual lone workers. This could start as a warning alert sent to a supervisor to call the lone worker in question to check on their whereabouts or an alert sent straight to the Alarm Receiving Centre.

It works 24/7: There are many job roles that require lone workers to operate outside of 9-5, particularly roles such as long-distance lorry drivers who often work throughout the night. Thankfully, the O.W.L never sleeps, so even if the rest of the workforce is tucked up in bed when an incident occurs, it will still flag up a missed ‘check in’ or ‘check out’ and escalate a suitable response whatever the time of day or night.

Feature available on many devices: As the issue of lone working continues to gain prominence, so too has the development of devices and solutions available to protect them. There are now dozens of solutions available to best suit lone workers from every industry and with every budget. The beauty of the check-in and check-out feature is that it is available on all of these solutions, whether this be the Smartphone app, Man Down device, Identification Card or Anywhere device. Choose which solution is best for your workforce and allow them to benefit from this feature.

Peace of mind for workers and employers: It can be daunting and lonely to spend so many days in different locations with little or no contact with a work HQ. This simple system ensures that workers know their safety is being monitored as well as their exact location, so should the worst happen help can be sent to the right place immediately.

Increased morale and trust among staff: Employees know that they are trusted to complete work alone, whilst knowing they are valued by their employers due to the investment in lone worker protection for their safety.

Improved reactions to work: Thanks to this solution, employers are able to keep track of the movements of all of their workforce at any given time. Due to the fact that they can gather this location data immediately from workers simply ‘checking in’ to locations and appointments, employers are then able to send the person closest to an urgent job straight away.

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