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Lone Working Blog

Protecting workers with medical conditions

  • Thursday, 22 June 2017 08:00
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Protecting your staff with medical conditions, whether they work directly alone or with colleagues, is crucial due to the risk you take if you do not.

Since joining the LONALERT team in May, I have learnt a lot regarding lone worker protection. There are countless cases of workers who do not get the security from the company they work for, which leads to big issues when the worst happens, especially those with medical conditions.

That’s why Mathew Colley was adamant that I had a man down alarm to use while I travelled to and from work. My medical condition is epilepsy, which means at any point I could become in danger, while at work I am surrounded by a supporting team who can help if I am in danger.

However, workers can still be put at risk while travelling, going on lunch, being sent out on business trips, the things you may not even think of! If I was to have an epileptic seizure while walking to work, I may not be found for hours. Now the man down alarm has a fall detection alert, if I fall over 45 degrees, the device will start to alert and if it is not put up right, my device will automatically call my managers (as set in the hierarchy). They will be notified by the 24/7 monitoring team and can use the GPS tracker to locate where I am in danger, then the emergency services can be on their way. Within minutes, I can get the help I need, instead of waiting until I am found.

I can also use the check in and check out service, which I set when I walk out of my door to let the LONEALERT O.W.L. know of my whereabouts, with the customisable timer, I can just keep updating where I am and how I am doing. Should I not respond to my check in, the man down device enters the panic procedure.

For me personally, this puts me at ease, before I worked with LONEALERT I didn’t even know devices like this existed, neither did my previous companies I worked for. Multiple times I had a seizure while working and wouldn’t be found until they realised I’d be gone for a little while. Thankfully, I shall never have to be fearful of working with my medical condition. Neither should you.

LONEALERT provides lone worker solutions available for you, start protecting your workers now. Find out more here.

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  • Last modified on Thursday, 22 June 2017 13:46
Alex Bodin

Hi I’m Alex, I work for Advance IT/LONEALERT as a social media analyst and digital marketer.


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