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Product focus: Rip cord/silent alarm

For lone workers, perhaps the most well-known feature of the ID Card solution is the in-built panic alarm, which allows users to press for help discreetly, triggering an urgent call which sets in motion a response procedure to get them help immediately.

However, there are various other functions of this device that make it the perfect choice in lone worker protection for people from a range of industries, including the ripcord/silent alarm feature.

On the surface this ripcord feature can be seen as a practical one. For a warehouse worker, for example, this feature means that should their identity badge get caught in machinery, the ripcord will immediately come into action and disconnect from the lanyard to prevent the wearer from being caused any physical harm.

But the feature actual adds another level of protection for lone workers should they find themselves in a situation of physical attack.

Although the panic button in itself has been designed to be discreet and not draw attention to the fact that the wearer is calling for help, sometimes it is still not possible for it to be used - which is when this ripcord feature comes into its own.

Picture the scene. A counsellor is out visiting the home of a patient who is known to have aggression issues. During her appointment, this patient starts to get aggravated and the counsellor begins to feel vulnerable and concerned that the situation could become volatile. As she reaches for her ID Card to press the panic button and call for help, the patient jumps up, grabs her hand and rips the badge from around her neck.

This movement immediately sets off the silent alarm, opening up a two-way voice call to expert operators in the 24/7 Alarm Receiving Centre.

The fact that the operators can listen in means they can then put in motion a suitable response to get the worker help, including sending emergency services if required.

Despite its sleek design to be disguised as a traditional identification badge holder, the fact that this lone working solution also boasts three methods of location - GPS, cell-id triangulation and wifi triangulation - as well as the additional option of internal locating aids, ensures that if lone workers are in distress, help can be sent to their exact location immediately.

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