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It was 8pm one Friday evening and my mobile rang, nope I wasn’t at home or enjoying a refreshing beverage, I was at my desk, in the office. On the line, was my fiancée concerned and wondering where I was. It hadn’t even crossed my mind to let her know that I would be working late.

My point is that at times, I am a lone worker. Not because my job directly dictates that I am, like a carer, a Sky engineer, a nurse or a construction worker, but because parts of my job and how I feel about it, can put me in a situation that means that I am.

Picture the scene; heavy deadlines, numerous meetings in one day, email overload, driving around the country to meet new and existing customers, at times, there just isn’t enough hours in the day to meet the 9 – 5 demand - does this sound familiar to you?

And so what happens when the work piles on? Well, if you are anything like me, you either get to the office for 6am, or you are leaving it at 8pm. Now, here is a question - how many people are in the office with you? How many people even know that you are in the office alone, with the added pressure of having to lock up, no doubt?

If the answer to any of these questions is no-one then welcome to the world of a LONE WORKER!

And for an added round of 'no way, really - a lone worker…' even if there are other co-workers on the premises, but are working in different areas and cannot respond to you, you are still classed as a LONE WORKER.

If you are asking why, or simply saying well, that’s just codswallop, it’s never even crossed my mind, it’s just part and parcel of the job! Take a second and think ‘WHAT IF.’ What would happen if something was to go wrong, what would you do? How would you raise an alarm to notify people that your safety is in danger? My company have always got my back, so even though I forgot to tell my fiancée (slap on the hand) of my whereabouts, my Lone Alert device was programmed to the management suite if anything was to go wrong. Can you be confident that your company has #gotyourback?

I love my job. I love that we can and are making a difference to so many companies and individuals out there. What can be more rewarding than not just making an impact on your daily work duties, but helping to keep you safe? A lot of the time we take our safety for granted and only in dire situations do we realise just how vulnerable we can be.

LONEALERT, is not just a device, a solution, a piece of software it is a peace of mind and at the end of the day your safety is #priceless.

The End!

Thank you for reading.

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Mathew Colley

Mathew Colley is the Sales & Marketing Manager at LONEALERT, leading supplier of lone worker protection solutions and lone worker alarms to protect staff who work remotely, alone or are vulnerable.

Website: www.lonealert.co.uk

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