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It could have been a different story

When something bad happens, don’t you ever wonder... could that have ended differently? You know the times – what if I’d have taken THAT call? What if I’d only made that visit? Why didn’t I go for that job?

Well, seeing as it’s Halloween, the chat in the office has inevitably turned to some of our favourite horror flicks and how they could have all been very different (No, not why the blonde in the short shirt doesn’t know by now that the answer isn’t to run upstairs or why serial killers can inexplicably arrive at a destination before their victims whilst walking in slow motion – although they’re not bad questions).

No, instead we’ve decided to see how it could have been very different for our favourite horror heros and heroines – if only they’d known about LONEALERT (Bear with us, it’s only a bit of fun!).

Picture this:


It’s the famous shower scene in Psycho and Janet Leigh is screaming her lungs out as the predatory Norman Bates attacks her. What if she’d known about our Man Down device – a control room would have been automatically alerted when she fell and someone could have rushed to her obscure motel room before it was too late.


If you can’t picture that famous image of Drew Barrymore screaming down the telephone in terror as a psychopath killer taunts her in Scream, where’ve you been hiding for the past nine years?! Anyway, maybe if she’d known about our check-in help could have arrived sooner. As it works with any phone she could have 'checked in' for immediate help at any point during the time she was chatting to her stalker. Even if she couldn’t get her over-talkative killer off the landline, her mobile would have done the same job.

There can’t be many people left that haven’t seen Jamie-Lee Curtis running away from the evil Michael Myers in the Halloween franchise (he’s one of the killers that can travel faster than his victims by merely strolling...) Fair play to her, she managed to escape his clutches a few times but finally met a grisly end at his hands in Halloween: Resurrection. The thing with horror films is that no help seems to be on hand when you need it. If only Curtis’ character Laurie Strode had known about LONEALERT’s Smartphone App she would have had a panic button for every encounter – and wouldn’t have had to worry about any excess usage fee for all the sequels...

The Blair Witch Project - loneALERT Anywhere

Remember the snotty image of the lead character in freaky horror The Blair Witch Project, sniffling alone in the middle of the woods, completely lost, whilst being chased by some unknown supernatural being? Perhaps if she’d known about LONEALERT Anywhere, she and her friends would have been out of the woods and back to their home comforts before the evening arrived (we all know bad things happen in the woods in horror films after night falls). With an advanced GPS tracker that works in even the most remote of locations where mobile signal will have long gone, somebody could have pinpointed her exact location, picked her up and taken her home before the final credits rolled.

Not as dramatic, granted, but if they’d only known about LONEALERT... It could have been a different story for our fave horror classics.

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Mathew Colley

Mathew Colley is the Sales & Marketing Manager at LONEALERT, leading supplier of lone worker protection solutions and lone worker alarms to protect staff who work remotely, alone or are vulnerable.

Website: www.lonealert.co.uk

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