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Introducing LONEALERT O.W.L: The next generation of lone worker protection

Introducing LONEALERT O.W.L: The next generation of lone worker protection

A lot has happened in the world of lone worker protection over the past 15 years.

As the phrase ‘lone worker’ is one that now regularly gains column inches in the national press, awareness of those who spend their working lives alone, remotely or in potentially vulnerable situations has been heightened greatly. In turn, the solutions available to keep lone workers safe have evolved beyond recognition.

There are now an estimated 8 million lone workers in the UK alone - a figure that is only going to continue rising as technological advances allow more people to work remotely. And although the law does not yet specifically address the issue of lone working, employers are becoming ever more aware of the responsibilities they have to their workers and the importance of implementing safety solutions that protect them should the worst ever happen.

But there is far more to an effective lone working protection system than just a device.

Although devices are a vital component in any solution, each of them are pretty ineffective on their own without the supporting behind-the-scenes technology that enables them to do their job. It’s akin to having a car without an engine.

Developing the behind-the-scenes technology and capabilities of lone working solutions to support these devices forms the foundation of LONEALERT’s philosophy to offer only the very highest levels of protection to all lone workers, whatever their job role.

LONEALERT employs an in-house team of IT experts tasked with constantly developing the technological capabilities of its systems and software so it can fulfil that promise to all lone workers. Its ‘plug and play’ model means a wide range of monitoring devices can be connected to it’s software portal.

LONEALERT O.W.L - See it in action at the Health & Safety Event, NEC April 9th to 11th, Stand N30!

The result is LONEALERT’s O.W.L – the BS8484-compliant, unique, highly advanced, responsive and intuitive operating system that is at the heart of our lone worker protection solutions. As the behind-the-scenes mechanics of all of LONEALERT’s solutions, The O.W.L has undergone a complete redesign, rebuild and transformation into the most advanced lone worker management tool available.

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In a nutshell, The O.W.L is your eyes and ears that oversees people that are working alone or remotely, allowing you to support and supervise lone workers wherever they are, as well as automatically ensuring the right response is sent to the right location should a lone worker ever need it.

The capabilities and features of The O.W.L are vast, meaning it works in conjunction with all of the devices in LONEALERT’s extensive range, allowing you to manage every aspect of your lone working account in one place, regardless of the size of your workforce or how wide-ranging their job roles. It features complex and patented technology presented in an easy-to-use manner to make the management and supervision of lone workers simple, whilst enabling lone working solutions to be fully tailored to the needs and requirements of the business or the workers using them.

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Among its features, The O.W.L allows you to:

  • View live alerts and respond effectively to any alarm involving lone workers in need of assistance
  • View comprehensive real-time current and historic information about all of your lone workers, allowing them to be redirected towards jobs if necessary
  • Quickly access and manage users, add new users or remove users
  • Maintain all of your devices, allocate them between users and change settings, including response escalation procedures
  • Access a wealth of information to ensure LONEALERT is being used, export reports and analyse usage trends
  • Renew and amend licenses
  • Get access to a range of training guides, e-learning guides and supporting materials for lone worker respondents to help them make the right choices in the event of an alert
  • Monitor
  • Identify areas with more mobile coverage
  • Easily redeploy devices between lone workers
  • Manage international travellers who may work to a different schedule abroad than in the UK

Best of all, this can all be accessed from any internet-enabled device as it is fully optimised for smartphones and tablets, meaning managers have the information in an instant, whatever time or wherever they are.

Its unparalleled capabilities of monitoring, managing and reacting to lone workers means they are given the most comprehensive protection available at all times, whatever their shift pattern, industry, or situation. It is then simply a case of choosing the most suitable response escalation process for your lone workers - whether that be making the most of allocated personnel, using your own in-house response centre, or utilising our dedicated 24/7 Alarm Receiving Centre, which is staffed by fully trained personnel who will send the most suitable response in every situation.

The comprehensive nature of LONEALERT’s lone working system - combining 1) Extensive choice of devices 2) The O.W.L and 3) A range of responses - is why it is redefining the standards of lone working protection, and leading the way in this ever-evolving industry.

We’re delighted to be exhibiting again at the Health and Safety Event on Stand N30 from April 9th to April 11th at the NEC, Birmingham. Come along to speak to us about our lone working device range, and be among the first to see the next generation of our lone working system in action - The O.W.L! Tweet us @LONEALERT using the hashtag #LoneWorking.

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LONEALERT is a leading supplier of lone worker protection solutions and lone worker alarms to protect staff who work remotely, alone or are vulnerable.

Website: www.lonealert.co.uk

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