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Industry focus: Environmental Health workers

On the surface, Environmental Health work may not appear among the most hazardous professions. After all, it’s unlikely workers in this industry will be scaling telegraph poles to fix equipment in all weather conditions, or negotiating heavy and dangerous machinery, or working in the middle of nowhere without a mobile phone signal.

But, due to the nature of the career that sees these workers out and about visiting homes or licensed premises on a daily basis, it is vital to understand the risks they could encounter or the potentially volatile situations that could arise - and then give them the most suitable lone worker protection solution to ensure their safety.

As most of those working in Environmental Health - whether it be council workers in the field of noise pollution or bailiffs collecting debts - are already required to wear names badges to clearly identify themselves to people they visit, the ID Card could prove to be the perfect solution.

As the device itself is concealed within an identification badge holder, lone workers continue to wear their ID as they normally would - just with the added peace of mind that should an incident occur, they can call for help and it will be sent to their exact location.

It is well known among lone workers in potentially volatile situations that it may not be possible to reach for a mobile phone to make a call for help or that by simply doing so, tensions can escalate quickly, which is which is why this discreet design is crucial. Additionally, the ripcord design, which means a response procedure is automatically triggered if the device is pulled from its lanyard by an aggressor, is additional back up should a situation turn hostile.

Picture the scene of a busy late-night bar where a Noise Pollution Officer has been sent following complaints from neighbours of loud music past licensing hours. Alcohol is flowing, party-goers are out in full force enjoying themselves - and the lone worker has the task of warning the owner that unless the music stops, the licence could be revoked and the bar shut down. Imagine the potential anger he or she could be faced with at breaking the news that the party is over. Instead of having to pull out a mobile phone to make a call for support as tensions rise in the loud environment, or reach into their bag for a heavy dedicated panic alarm, which would draw extra unwanted attention and possibly an even angrier reaction, a simple push on a hidden panic button on the back of the identification badge holder is all it takes for a pre-designed escalation plan to be triggered immediately, without the aggressor even knowing that a response procedure is under way.

Imagine also a housing manager tasked with telling an unruly tenant that they can no longer stay in their rented accommodation due to their unruly behaviour. Immediately the situation escalates, the tenant gets violent and rips the ID Card from around the worker’s neck. An escalation procedure kicks straight into gear, triggering a two-way voice call to expert handlers in a 24/7 Alarm Receiving Centre. They can hear the commotion, realise the severity of the situation unfolding and immediately request emergency services assistance, directing them to the worker’s exact location thanks to the device’s in-built GPS.

As the device conforms with BS8484, the British Standard for lone worker protection, the worker can be confident that help will arrive to his or her exact location as soon as that button is pressed or the cord is pulled.

For lone workers who spend their days in Environmental Health, dealing with unpredictable behaviour from members of the public is part of the job. Giving them a lone worker protection solution that provides the best support in these potentially volatile situations is imperative, and why the ID Card could just be the best option for them.

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