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Holidays all around, who's left to work alone?

  • Wednesday, 02 August 2017 07:00
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Summer is here, ice creams all round and fans at the ready, but mainly lone workers are even more at risk. While everyone is off on their holidays (I am soon!) others are left at work, potentially alone. When working in a small business, this can be an issue.

We tend to forget about health and safety as we all think it wouldn’t happen to us, but we’re wrong. As there is currently no law set in place to protect lone workers, employers have a duty to assess risks to lone workers. If your staff is limited over the summer, problems can arise. Stop and think who is monitoring your lone workers? Are your lone workers safe? Can we locate them should something happen? Put yourself at ease this summer, equip lone worker safety devices today.

Lone working is simple, we have a job to do, while we do it and no one is around. How can you get help should you have an accident, face danger or just need help. We have a variety of lone worker devices available to you and your employees, a lone worker app, a wireless panic alarm in the SOS fob and a man down alarm to name a few. All devices include a GPS system and 24/7 lone worker monitoring, lone worker safety has never been higher.

So, before you go and relax for a couple of weeks, be prepared and protect your employees. LONEALERT covers multiple industries, the protection isn’t expensive, however not providing this protection can be in future.

Find out more about our service here.

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Alex Bodin

Hi I’m Alex, I work for Advance IT/LONEALERT as a social media analyst and digital marketer.

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