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3 simple ways LONEALERT protects the ultimate lone worker

It doesn’t feel like five minutes ago that we were rocking t-shirts and shorts, spending balmy evenings in beer gardens and trying to figure out just how to possibly entertain the kids for six l-o-n-g summer weeks.

But the decorations are being dusted off, the shopping sprees are in full swing, and it’s time to face it... It’s almost Christmas!

Whilst the celebrations kick into gear for the most wonderful time of the year, our attentions at LONEALERT have been turning to the one man we’re all relying on to make the magic happen. Yep, you guessed it:

Father Christmas - the ultimate lone worker

As it turns out, in our ‘elf and safety’ - conscious world (get it?!), ol’ Santa Claus has been giving a bit more thought to his own safety this year, so when he got in touch to see if there’s anything we could do to help him on his busy night, nothing was too much trouble.

With a range of devices and solutions at hand, we weren’t going to let the big man down, so have come up with a comprehensive lone worker package for his busiest night of the year.

Anywhere Device: Up in the North Pole, it’s fair to say that Santa’s mobile phone signal is a bit hit and miss. Thankfully, our Anywhere device is designed with an advanced high-performance GPS receiver to work in all locations, regardless of how remote. Able to pinpoint the wearer’s location accurately, Santa need not fear if he has to send for help whilst the busy Christmas preparations are under way and his toy-making workshops are in full gear. At the press of a button, he’ll be straight through to our Alarm Receiv-ing Centre, which is manned by fully trained operators 24/7 365 days-a-year. They’ll know exactly what to do to ensure Santa is sent whatever help he needs straight away.

Man down Protector Pro: Climbing up and down chimneys all night in potentially icy/snowy weather con-ditions is risky business for anyone, especially someone who’s been around as long as Santa. One fall and Christmas could be cancelled this year. We’re not prepared to let that happen, if we can help it, which is why Santa will be making the most of our Man Down Protector Pro device. It easily clips on to his belt so he’ll barely even notice it’s there, but he’s safe in the knowledge that if he does accidentally trip and fall, the tilting action will immediately trigger the device and raise the alarm. He’s already promised to use the device to check in and out of every delivery he makes to give Mrs Claus peace of mind back in the North Pole, as she’ll be keeping an eye on his movements using our O.W.L monitoring system, but the GPS tech-nology in the device means help will be sent immediately to his exact location should he accidentally slip or fall. He’s selected the Protector Pro design over the original Protector device because he’s concerned he’ll accidentally set off the dedicated panic alarm with his heavy gloved hands. With its powerful vibrat-ing alarm, if he does accidentally set it off, it will give him a warning to cancel the alert so the staff in our ARC don’t trigger an unnecessary response - we can’t have everyone seeing him on his rounds!

ID Card: Lugging around a sleigh filled with toys for all of the children in the world is quite a responsibility and, unfortunately, not everybody gets into the sharing spirit of Christmas as much as Santa would like. Even with his reindeers there for protection, Santa’s an easy target for thieves who want to get their hands on his hoard of goodies. And being the gentle soul that he is - and let’s face it, he’s no spring chick-en - he’s not best placed to defend himself should things turn nasty. That’s why he’ll be wearing his LONEALERT ID Card around his neck while he’s out and about with gifts on show. At the slightest hint of trouble, he can trigger an alarm immediately by pressing the device’s dedicated panic alarm or pulling the card free of its lanyard. Discreet and lightweight, the device is barely noticeable, but either one of those small actions that take a fraction of a second to carry out will put him into immediate contact with staff at the ARC who will be able to listen in to the situation and send the appropriate response. For an extra bo-nus, when the police arrive to arrest the bad guy, he can hand over his ID Card to prove it really is him!

We’ve got Santa covered, so here’s wishing a happy - and safe - Christmas to you all!

*Full disclosure: Some of the characters in this blog have been embellished (possibly made up) to bring the magic of Christmas alive...

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