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Lone Working Blog

Are your employers protecting you as a lone worker?

  • Thursday, 05 October 2017 08:00
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Employers know the rules on health and safety within a work place, what they need to do to ensure each worker is safe and not breaching any rules. However, employers don’t always understand the risks of lone working. In fact, it can be something simple that they don’t even realise, but when you stop and think, you realise the dangers lone workers can face every day. For example, a sales person going out door to door, a health worker visiting people’s homes or working in an office late at night by yourself. All these have risks that you might not have thought of.

Working alone or remotely is not a laughing matter, it is your responsibility as a worker that if you feel at risk throughout your work, you raise this issue with your employers. You need to be always thinking about the dangers you face, what would happen if you passed out and no one was around? What would happen if you were attacked and couldn’t get help yourself? These are just a few of the many dangers any worker can face, regardless of whether they are alone or not. No one wants to be put at risk while working, but even more so when you work alone.

In our everyday lives we understand the dangers of living in the real world, whenever I go out for a few hours my family still expect a simple text to let them know I’m ok. This is a simple way of trying to keep safe, just not reliable. If I didn’t text to say I’m ok, how does my family know where I am? What is wrong with me? When was I last seen? This is where the LONEALERT devices and the O.W.L. platform can certainly aid in the circumstances where you are in danger.

Whether it is in your workplace or just in general, our lone worker devices are here for you. Each equipped with different functions, GPS and a dedicated panic alarm, you have all the tools available to try and get the help. The OWL is at the heart of LONEALERT, this is our operating system and is the most important part of your lone working solution. This oversees you while working alone.

See our industry section to get an indication of which device may be suitable for yourself and your company. We have a range of devices to suit your needs then can work in conjunction with our ARC, your control room, your colleagues or a mix of all.

If you feel like this a concerning issue for yourself, you can call us 0330 999 8484 to discuss with a member of our team. Alternatively, you can forward our website onto your managers and raise the issue with them.

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