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5 tips to stay safe at your xmas party

The countdown to Christmas is officially on, but our minds are not on the big day just yet - for now all the focus is on the Christmas Party!

The venues are booked, DJs have been hired, hundreds of ham & pineapple sticks are on order and wardrobes have been newly furnished with dazzling outfits ready to shimmer on the dance floor.

After a year’s hard graft, there’s no better way to let your hair down and get into the festive spirit than at the Christmas party. But, with alcohol flowing and spirits at a high, the party season can sometimes be a hazardous one.

Party poopers we’re most definitely not - but we do want to make sure that you’re all safe during the celebrations.

Here’s our five top tips:

1. It’s unlikely you would rock up at the Christmas do without giving some thought to your outfit, so make sure you put at least the same amount of planning into other aspects of the night. Pre-book taxis for the end of the shindig so you’re not left stranded miles from home in the early hours, keep wallets, purses and handbags secured and on you at all times so house keys and cash do not go walkies whilst you’re strutting your dance moves, keep money aside for taxi fares to pay for the journey home and make sure to let loved ones know of your whereabouts and time you’re due back. Remember, Private Hire Taxis will never pick up people if they are not booked - so listen to the warning signs. If a taxi agrees to take you home without a booking, it may not be legit.

2. Always arrange to travel to and from the Christmas do in a group. Never find yourself alone and vulnerable, especially under the influence of alcohol when your reflexes will not be as sharp.

3. The drinks are flowing, Slade is on loop and even the boss agrees he wishes it could be Christmas every day - but don’t let your guard totally down. Always keep your glass covered and make sure you don’t leave half-drunk glasses of Prosecco on the table whilst you wander off to the dance floor for a boogie to return to it later.

4. As an employer remember that you still have a Duty of Care to your workers, even if your Christmas party is not being held on your work premises. You have as much responsibility to keep your staff safe as they enjoy the Christmas festivities as you would if they were going about their daily duties in the office or out on the job. Make sure simple procedures are in place to keep everyone safe, including a designated ‘contact’ for workers and ensuring the venue has taxi numbers available to get everyone home safe.

5. If you can’t have fun at the Christmas party then when can you?! But those high heels can be lethal on a dance floor covered with dregs of pints that have been accidentally tipped during the festivities. Take a pair of flat shoes to change into when it comes time to pulling out those Saturday Night Fever moves to avoid any dance floor dramas.

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Mathew Colley

Mathew Colley is the Sales & Marketing Manager at LONEALERT, leading supplier of lone worker protection solutions and lone worker alarms to protect staff who work remotely, alone or are vulnerable.

Website: www.lonealert.co.uk

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