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Lone Worker Devices

How our devices work in conjunction with The O.W.L, your industry and your response


Using your existing communications equipment

LONEALERT Access range is our most popular range and is the license
you must have to be able to access LONEALERT as a lone worker.
LONEALERT Access enables you to use all the Access services
below interchangeably.

This range is ideal for higher risk lone workers working in:

  • low risk lone or infrequent low workers
  • lone workers on the go
  • those that do not want to carry an additional device
  • connected to The O.W.L
Access from any computer via the O.W.L
Access from any desk phone
Access via text messaging
Access via Smartphone app
Product features:
- use PC (or any device connected to the Internet) to log into LONEALERT - dial into The O.W.L from any phone to create a lone working event with duration and location - works on any mobile phone that can send or receive texts and calls - available for all popular Smartphones
- create, update or cancel timers, enter your working location - you can even call in from a phone that isn’t registered with LONEALERT. The O.W.L will identify you - send the O.W.L an SMS to activate timer. Just tell it how long you are lone working for and where - free download from app store
Click here for more information on the lone worker smartphone app Click here for more information on the lone worker smartphone app Click here for more information on the lone worker smartphone app
- you can even raise a panic alarm from your chair - - panic speed dial to call for urgent help - panic button
- supports key words for fast location input - - supports key words for fast location input - support key words for fast location input
- - - great back up for Smartphone App in poor signal areas. - adds GPS locations
- - - - full control of GPS options for privacy out of working hours
- - - - quick to log in and create timers
- - - - can run on Mobile Device Management Platform
- same day go-live - same day go-live - same day go-live - same day go-live

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