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Lone Working Blog

It has been 30 years since the Chernobyl nuclear power plant disaster. But for those living in the region near the borders of Ukraine and Belarus, the devastating effects of the catastrophe continue to haunt them every day. The disaster, in April 1986, was the…
Mathew Colley, Sales & Marketing Manager at LONEALERT, discusses how GPS can protect lone workers - but why some staff still have their doubts If you want to find out how your best friend is spending their evening you probably only need to log on…

Lone and out of hours

Picture the scene: A huge warehouse building after dark; the day shift has packed up and gone home, the machines that spent the day whirring have ground to a halt and the lights have been dimmed to reduce overheads. It’s not the opening scene of…
When it comes down to it, the issue of lone working is not about job roles or functions. It’s not about experience or length of staff service. It’s not about hierarchy, titles or industries. And it’s not about pay scale either, for that matter. Lone…

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