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My run-in with a Mexican 'ghost'

As heard by Adam Bottrell, Sales Executive It’s fair to describe me as a sceptic when it comes to my views on the paranormal. In fact, that’s probably an understatement. Quite frankly I’ve always been bemused by tales of old buildings being haunted by the…

Do you trust your gut instinct?

Seeing as we are knocking on the door of All Hallow’s Eve soon, the talk in the office has inevitably turned to spooky tales, talks of the Most Haunted and the latest Paranormal Activity film! The closest I have come to a ghost is seeing…

It could have been a different story

When something bad happens, don’t you ever wonder... could that have ended differently? You know the times – what if I’d have taken THAT call? What if I’d only made that visit? Why didn’t I go for that job? Well, seeing as it’s Halloween, the…

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