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Mathew Colley

Mathew Colley

Mathew Colley is the Sales & Marketing Manager at LONEALERT, leading supplier of lone worker protection solutions and lone worker alarms to protect staff who work remotely, alone or are vulnerable.

I am a counsellor and I am a lone worker

  • Wednesday, 06 January 2016 00:00
I am a qualified BACP accredited counsellor who works independently within a doctors surgery. I love my job as a counsellor. It is highly rewarding and each day is different with it’s own set of challenges. Apart from being a counsellor, I am also a…

My run-in with a Mexican 'ghost'

  • Friday, 30 October 2015 00:00
As heard by Adam Bottrell, Sales Executive It’s fair to describe me as a sceptic when it comes to my views on the paranormal. In fact, that’s probably an understatement. Quite frankly I’ve always been bemused by tales of old buildings being haunted by the…

Do you trust your gut instinct?

  • Thursday, 29 October 2015 00:00
Seeing as we are knocking on the door of All Hallow’s Eve soon, the talk in the office has inevitably turned to spooky tales, talks of the Most Haunted and the latest Paranormal Activity film! The closest I have come to a ghost is seeing…

Office people - Safety in numbers

  • Tuesday, 03 November 2015 00:00
It was 8pm one Friday evening and my mobile rang, nope I wasn’t at home or enjoying a refreshing beverage, I was at my desk, in the office. On the line, was my fiancée concerned and wondering where I was. It hadn’t even crossed my…

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