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Welcome to Lone workers ville

The town that specialises in lone worker protection

Welcome to Lone workers ville

Choosing the right lone worker solution can seem like a bit of a minefield, so to make it easier, we have created a town that is dedicated to lone workers or people at risk, called LonesVille. Start at The O.W.L and simply work your way around the town, building your lone worker solution as you go.


The importance of The O.W.L (Overseeing Working aLone)

The O.W.L is our flexible, interactive interface that allows you to be in constant control of your staff. It is the behind-the-scenes mechanics of LONEALERT. Without it, LONEALERT will not function and will not be able to oversee the safety of your lone / mobile workers. To help you understand the importance of The O.W.L, we have put together a set of frequently asked questions & our answers. If you have any further questions, please get in touch!

The O.W.L is your eyes and ears, allowing you to oversee lone workers, wherever they are. The O.W.L helps you supervise, manage and respond to lone workers.

What’s your industry?

At times in our working day, we are all lone workers regardless of the industry in which we work. The difference is that some job roles have a higher level of risk. Within this section you will be able to download relevant risk assessments, understand which lone worker device would best suit your industry and understand why you or your employees may be at risk and the solutions that are available to help protect you. What is your job role?

Within this section you will find relevent information to the industry you work in, and the risks you and your employee's may face.

Pick your device

Choosing the right device for yourself or your employees is vitally important. This part of the town will allow you to be able to look and compare the large range of devices that we have available. It may be that not one device will suit all of your lone workers. The good news, is that as our devices work in conjunction with The O.W.L, so you will be able to mix and match as many lone worker devices as you need. To ease your decision making process, we have arranged our products in to different ranges, all of which are suitable for any job role, any level of risk and for any budget.

Risk profile, personal preference or specific requirements all factor into the right choice of lone working devices. Understand the range here.

What’s your response?

Your response is the last stop in building your lone worker solution. Within this section you will find a number of options available for you to choose from. However, it may not be a one response suits all type of scenario, thankfully, our intuitive O.W.L not only allows you to be able to control your responses, it also allows you to mix them, meaning that you could have type of response which works in the day and a higher level response that could be needed for the evening. You will also find in this section details around Emergency services and what do it an international response is needed.

999, it's an emergency! You choose the right response for your staff from the range of options.

The wise choice for lone worker protection



LONEALERT is one of the UK’s leading providers of lone worker protection solutions, delivering a range of lone worker alarms, devices, apps and solutions to protect people who work alone, remotely or are vulnerable in their work.

What is a lone worker?

What is a lone worker?

On average 6 million people work alone in the UK. This figure is expected to rise as the continued change in working habits forces more remote working. Lone workers are everywhere. They have many faces and work in many industries. Are your lone workers safe?

Why have a lone working policy?

Why have a lone working policy?

Employers have a legal duty to carry out risk assessments of any work-related activities which present a risk to personal safety. This policy should identify who might be harmed, the dangers they face and any measures that can be taken to prevent and reduce the risk of injury.

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Don’t take our word for it, read what our customers have to say...

I would like to say that the service and support offered by Advance IT Group and indeed LONEALERT has been excellent, in particular the assistance from Val Clarke from Customer Service/Support. Her support in the early stages of setting up the system, and indeed with any follow-up requirements was always met with professionalism, and an open, relaxed customer service manner, she is amazing.
Please pass on my gratitude to all concerned.
- Jackie Friar / Health & Safety Advisor / Facilities Team Leader

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